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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with anita and vibhu in their bedroom. Vibhu is dressed as a washer man. Anita starts singing the song hone do. Vibhu and anita have romance on this song. Down uncle listens everything and says today I will catch anita red handed with that outsider.

Uncle rings the doorbell. Anita comes down and says who is it now late at night? Anita opens the door. she is shocked to see uncle and uncle sits on sofa, anita also sits. Uncle says why are you always shocked when I come? Anita says because you come at the wrong time uncle. Uncle has the property papers. Uncle says this time I have caught you and you were with that moustache man in your bedroom, I saw him climb in your balcony through ladder. Anita says oh my god! Then she says uncle he is vibhu only. Uncle says no, don’t lie he is not vibhu, vibhu does not have moustache. Anita says uncle you don’t understand, he was vibhu only. Uncle says enough of your lies! No woman in our family has cheated with another man. Vibhu comes dressed as washer man and says uncle it is me vibhuti, see my fake moustache. Uncle says what? Why did you become this washer man and go in your room? what was anita telling you to do? Vibhu and anita look at each other and vibhu says now you are asking a personal question. Vibhu takes the papers and says today will not let you tear the papers, the property is mine this time. Uncle says this time I did not bring the papers only, I am going to Bangkok this time and they are the case papers for a case I am undergoing in Bangkok for beating someone. Vibhu and anita are shocked. Then uncle says I will go now as my flight will be there.vibhu kisses uncle on cheeks and says I love you. uncle says I love you and goes. Anita says come on now, lets start from where we left. They both go.

Next day, Tiwari is talking on phone and says yes I will come to the shop with the papers. Tiwari goes inside to take papers. Anguri comes down and sees Tiwari is not there, she says he went to shop now I will call anita. anguri calls anita and says anita ji! Its me anguri. Anita says see whether Tiwari is around, anguri says no he went to shop. Anguri says so how many days should we continue with this drama? There as anita speaks vibhu listens from up. Anita says its so fun, lets continue with the drama some more days. As anguri speaks there Tiwari also listens. Anguri says sahi pakde hai! Anguri says lets continue with the drama, though I feel a bit bad about Tiwari ji but its fun. Tiwari thinks I was so eager to listen to sahi pakde hain! Now I feel good and now I know you were acting. There vibhu says so baby, you fooled us, now its my time to end this drama.

At tea stall Tiwari is drinking tea, he says anita Bhabhi and anguri got everyone this time, they fooled us. Vibhu comes and sits. Tiwari says so what information where you going to give me? Vibhu says the information that you will know now will make your eyes pop out. Tiwari laughs and says don’t worry, my eyes already popped as I know what you are going to say. vibhu say what? Tiwari says I know that phagunia is anguri and all this was a drama staged by anita and anguri. Vibhu says wow you know it, Tiwari says I heard when they were talking on phone. Vibhu says yes, now I have a plan which will also teach them a lesson. Tiwari says what is it? saxena comes and says Tiwari brother you ate my Bhabhi ma, now I will not leave you. saxena beats Tiwari, Tiwari runs and saxena runs behind him. Tiwari comes back and sits.

At night, Tiwari has arranged a function and everyone is there. Happu says vibhu, why has this function been kept by Tiwari? Vibhu says what will I know? Tiwari says so everyone gathered here, I have news for you all. Tiwari says now that anguri drowned in the water, saxena says she drowned because of you only. Tiwari is annoyed and says happu remove this mad man out. Happu says listen saxena. Saxena says loudly shut up. Happu and everyone is scared, happu says Tiwari continue. Tiwari says now that anguri drowned in the water, phagunia came out of it. chedi says I only removed her out. Tiwari says yes but she was phagunia not anguri. Tiwari says so now after phagunia came in my life, I have seen her for 2 days that she doesn’t like me and hates me, she doesn’t want to live with me and she doesn’t love me. Anguri and anita are shocked and anguri is worried as to what Tiwari says. Tiwari says so I have decided to let phagunia go and send her back to chedi. Chedi says so I can take her?

Tiwari says yes she is your property. Tiwari says I have decided to marry a beautiful and sanskari woman and that woman is, kumari gulfam kali. Vibhu claps. Anguri and anita are shocked and anguri says slowly see anita ji what Tiwari is saying, anita says yes I am shocked too. Gulfam comes in. happu says I know gulfam is beautiful but where is she sanskari? Saxena says loudly and angrily shut up! Happu is scared and says okay do what you want. Anguri now cries and says no! don’t do this laddoo ke bhaiya. Tiwari and vibhu smile. Anguri says don’t marry gulfam kali, I am anguri only, not phagunia. Tiwari says no you cannot be anguri, you are phagunia. Anita says believe her she is anguri not phagunia. Vibhu says no she is phagunia because she is so rude. Anguri says ladoo ke bhaiya this was all a drama we both were doing, please don’t leave me. Anita says yes, it was a drama because Tiwari was being rude with anguri so new decided to teach him a lesson. Tiwari says ohh. Anguri says don’t leave me. Tiwari says pagli, even we did a drama so that you both could say the truth. Anita says what? Vibhu says if you can do a drama, cant we? Everyone are happy and saxena says shree manmohan Tiwari, I like it. happu says now that the truth has been revealed lets party. Everyone dance on a song. Gulfam dances with tika malkhan and happu singh.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Tiwari and vibhu are playing chess late at night. Anguri and anita call them home as its too late at night. In morning gulfam tells anita and anguri that Tiwari vibhu have to return her money and she asked them to give it but they were busy playing chess. Anita says I have an idea.