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Bhootu 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Gopal Guides Suchi Disguised As A Boy


Bhootu 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhootu 12th December 2017 Episode start with Aarav and Suchi’s usual nok jhok starts. He hides her keys. She throws pillows on him. He holds her hand. She says it is not good to hold a girl’s hand. He says sorry. She asks to return her keys. Pihu takes Gopal’s flute and insists him to give her powers. Gopal requests to return it and agrees.

Aarav walks out of house towards his car to go to office when he sees cycle instead with a letter she will not spare him if he troubles Bhurbhuri. He fumes that this handwriting is of a child and who this child is. He angrily kicks cycle.

Suchi with Pihu reaches hospital and meets Anandita. Anandita says she never saw Pihu, but she helped her in fighting Pihu’s case and saved her many times, hope she would have seen Pihu anytime. Suchi thinks she can see Pihu, that is why she is attached to her emotionally and is helping her mother. Their discussion continues. Pihu gets emotional.

Suchi gets Aarav’s call and leaves. Aarav asks where is his car. She asks what. He says where did she hide his car and who is Bhurbhuri, he got a letter with cycle in place of car. Suchi realizes it is Pihu, says she is coming come and disconnects call. She scolds Pihu. Pihu writes sorry Bhurbhuri on wall and is not seen around. Suchi sees some other girl wearing similar shirt and scolds her. Girl’s mother turns and asks if she needs anything. Suchi rushes towards home. Gopal smiles.

Suchi reaches home and sees Gulgule being punished. He says he did not do anything. Aarav stops her and asks where is his car. She says in backyard. He rushes there and sees car not there and fumes that Suchi tricked him again. Suchi searches Pihu in whole house and goes out searching Pihu. She slips. Gopal comes disguised as a boy and asks to be careful. Suchi again rushes to find Pihu. Gopal asks if she is searching Pihu. She is surprised and asks how does he how. He smiles.


Bhootu 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pihu asks Suchi to go and search Pihu in every corner and thinks only a mother can search her properly and since Suchi did not become a mother yet she has to pass through all phases of motherhood.

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