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Bhootu 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhootu 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suchi comes and hugs Pihu. Gopal plays flute. Pihu realizes she was imagining and asks Gopal what happened to Bhurbhuri, if she is fine or became bhooth. Suchi’s family cries seeing her dead body. Suman cries loudly. Sarita stands shocked and asks doc to check Suchi as she is still alive. Suman cries Suchi is dead. Sarita scolds her and asks doctor to give defibrillator shock to Suchi. She scolds whole family. Pihu comes and stands in a shock. She asks Gopal to do something. Gopal smiles and leaves. Suchi starts breathing. Family rejoices. Doctor asks nurse to fix oxygen mask and asks everyone to go out. Pihu walks out with family and says Suchi will be fine, there is nothing to worry. Sarita looks at Gopal’s idol.

Doctor comes out of operating theater and says it was a miracle, Such is out of danger but cannot become mother in the future. Father asks if they can meet her. Doc says only 2 people and they should not tell anything that will tense Suchi. Father warns family not to speak nonsense in front of Suchi and walks in with Sarita. Suchi opens eyes and says she is fine, don’t worry. Doc asks them go out and let patient rest. Parents walk out. Pihu walks in and touches Suchi’s hand. Suchi is surprised that she can see her. She tells Bhootu I can see you. Pihu says Bhurbhuri I saw you sometime ago and hugged you. Suchi emotionally says she can touch and see bhootu, she has cute dimples. They both hug emotionally.

Suchi reaches home. Sankalp tells her that Rishab’s family had come and were worried about her. Suchi says tomorrow is her marriage and house is not yet decorated. Sankalp says they postponed marriage until she gets well. Sarita asks him to decorate marriage mantap with real flowers as Suchi likes real flowers. Suchi nods yes. Sarita walks out silently and goes to kitchen. Suman asks her when will she tell Suchi that her marriage is broken. Sarita hugs her and cries. Pihu hears that and asks Gopal to help Suchi. She goes to Suchi’s room and tells her that she asked Gopal to give her a cute baby like her as she cannot have baby, sees Suchi asleeps and sleeps next to her.

Rishab’s father tells Vimla he will find out why Suchi’s family broke alliance. Vimla yells that he did not listen to her and this is what happened. She knocks Rishab’s door and asks come out and yells her son is suffering because of brokes. Father says Rishab is a big broke, he could not pass MBA in distinction and does not have a job. Rishab comes out and taunts father that he is a big broke as he did not send him to US for studies and give him money for business, he does not even have 25 lakhs. Father slaps him and leaves. He yells he has to bear insult because of Suchi.

Suchi wakes up and sees Pihu and Sarita sleeping on her bed. She goes down calling papa. Gulgule says papa has gone out. Vimla comes with jewelry bag and yells to return her shagun
Money and take waste jewelry. Suchi asks what happened. Vimla yells to ask her mother who broke alliance. Sarita comes and asks her to shut up. Vimla yells that Suchi cannot become mother again and repeats. Drama continues.


Bhootu 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector arrests Suchi telling her company’s placed maid stole 25 lakhs worth items from a house.

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Bhootu Details

Bhutu (also spelled Bhootu) is a Bengali / Hindi children’s comedy-drama television series that airs on Zee Bangla and Zee TV.

The original series was broadcast on Zee Bangla. The series revolves around a friendly girl ghost, “Bhutu”, who always tries to help others, often causing light mischief and mayhem in the process. The character is based on Casper the Friendly Ghost. The show is dubbed in Hindi is telecast on Zee Anmol as Laddoo.


Kinshuk Mahajan
Neeraj Goswami
Neetha Shetty
Samir Sharma
Sana Amin Sheikh
Tanushree Kaushal
Vimarsh Roshan
Viraj Kapoor
Akanksha Chamola
Arshiya Mukherjee

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min