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Bhootu 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhootu 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhootu 15th December 2017 Episode start With Suchi reaches hut and knocks door as per Krish’s instructions. An old man opens door. She converses with him and he says he works as a watchman. Suchi thinks she can get Pihu’s clue at the place this man works and requests man to let her work in his place for a day. Man says it is a very dangerous place with moquitoes, goons, dogs around and he was bitten by dogs many times. Suchi insists she will not take his salary and pays him 1000 rs instead. Man accepts and thinks don’t know what problem she is in. Suchi asks his watchman uniform and thinks when she can consume poison for Pihu, she can go to any extent for her.

Suchi returns home and holding Pihu’s doll asks why did Pihu go into Mishti doll. She wears watchmans dress and thinks she has to go and find clue.

Aarav speaks to his mother and tells he has to get back that car as it is gifted by his sister. He sees shawl wearing Suchi and thinks her as thief. He shouts thief. Suman and Gulgule join him. Suman asks Gulgule to call Suchi. Aarav catches Suchi. She hits leg with shoes and he leaves her writhing in pain. She picks stick and warns Aarav to move away and hits him. Surprisingly, he does not dare to catch tiny thief and bears trashes. Suchi runs away. Suman checks Suchi’s room and does not find her, asks Aarav if he did any prank that Suchi is not at home at midnight.

Suchi works as watchman in chilling cold and thinks Lucknow winter is very cold. She coughs up blood and thinks she has to find out clue before poison affects her. Inebriated goons walk in laughing and thinking her as watchman chacha ask match box to light cig. She does not reply. They realize she is a female and laugh. They pull her shawl and misbehave with her. She pleads them to let her go.


Bhootu 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suchi pushes goon. Goon gets up and pulls her shawl. Gopal looks from a distance.

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