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Bhootu 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Vinayak Confesses Mansi Hired Him To Cut Gas Pipe


Bhootu 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhootu 1st December 2017 Episode start with Suchi meets Mansi’s doctor Dr. Malhotra who shows her Mansi’s medical file and discusses about her mental condition. Suchi thanks him and walks out. She then prays Gopal that he knows everything and should show her a way. Nurse informs that Vinayak is out of coma. Such rushes to Vinayak’s room. Vinayak says his bad deeds took him into coma, he sees that baby/Pihu in dreams always and if feeling very guilt. He says Aarav is innocent and Mansi hired him to cut cylinder pipe. He says he will give statement to police that Aarav is trying to protect his sister.

Mansi slaps Subodh and says how can she betray her. Subodh cries that he did not know Mansi’s obsession will grow so much, she is the one who killed our Pihu. He repeats that Mansi killed Pihu. Anandita angrily picks knife and Walks away thinking of killing Mansi.

Pihu sees Gulgule insisting Suman to tell ghost stories till he sleeps and hopes her grandap’s ghost returns and does his work. Suman scolds him not to call ghost as it is bad for the person who sees ghost. She thinks she is ghost/bhoot, so if she meets mamma, will it be bad for mamma. Aarav comes to Suchi’s house and feels guilty that because of him and Subodh baby Pihu was killed. Pihu stands and silently listens to him. Aarav apologizes Pihu to forgive him and keeps rose in front of her feet. Suman sees him and greets to come, says Such will take time to call, when are they marrying, Aarav leaves. Pihu asks Gopal why khadoos gave her rose. Gopal says so that she does not get sad. Suman says Aarav left his phone here. Pihu tells Gopal let us go and return Khadoos’ mobile. Gopal says they cannot go out today.

Mansi gets a panic attack when she does no get her medicine. Aarav and Babli try to control her. Aarav says her medicine has finished, he will get it. He realizes he left his phone at Suchi’s house. At Suchi’s house, Gulgule picks Aarav’s phone before Pihu picks it and plays game. Pihu shouts to give it back, pushes him and leaves with phone. He is confused who pushed him and took mobile. Pihu takes mobile to Gopal and says let us go and return it to khadoos. Gopal asks her to keep it phone back from where she took and says they cannot go out as today it will rain a lot. He says he will not speak to her if she insists. Pihu says she will not speak to him and leaves. Gopal thinks worst is going to happen to this child, hope he can change this child’s destiny, but he cannot.


Bhootu 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anandita roughs up Mansi and asks why did she kill Pihu. Pihu and Babli knock door. Aarav reaches with police and they see Mansi stabbing Anandita.

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