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Bhootu 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Aarav’s Tough Task For Suchi


Bhootu 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhootu 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Aarav angrily says Suchi that he will not return her goods and leaves in car. Suchi stands panicked thinking how will she get Pihu out of doll now. Aarav returns home and sadly looks at Mansi’s photo. Suchi walks in angrily and holding Aarav’s collar shouts where is his Misti doll. He asks why she is so attracted to that doll. She says there is a reason. He says he wants to know about it. She continues aggressively shouting at him. Babli comes with food and asks him to have it. Aarav says Mansi wil eat this food and Suchi wil feet her and even apologize. Suchi asks why will she. Arav says if she wants her goods and doll back, she has to. Suchi agrees.

Aarav takes Suchi to jail. Suchi imagines Mansi telling she killed Pihu, and Suchi cannot do anything. Suchi angrily slaps her and strangulates her neck shouting why did she kill her pihu. She comes out of imagination when Aarav asks her to go in and feed Mansi. Suchi does. Aarav asks her to apologize. Suchi apologizes and thinks she is doing it for Pihu.

At home, Mansi asks Babli why Aarav is troubling Suchi so much, why don’t he return her clothes, Babli knos that her daughter is wrong and need punishment. Babli gets angry and warns to be in her limits and act as tenant. Aarav returns with Suchi. Suman asks Suchi why did she apologize Mansi, what will didi feel when she will hear about it. Suchi says she did it with a reason.

Suchi asks Aarav to tell where her goods are and snatches his phone. Someone calls and says he is scrap merchant and sold all his goods. Suchi asks where is her doll. He says it is already torn and converted into pillow. Suchi reminisces Krish telling if doll is destroyed, Pihu is also destroyed. She asks to tell shop address. and reaches there to find sweet shop in its place. After sometime, Suchi murmurs a plan in Guglule’s ears. Gulgue goes to Aarav and warns him not to trouble his sister, else… Aarav asks what will he do. Gulgule throws juice on hi and runs. Aarav runs behind him. Suchi silently picks Aarav’s mobile and calls scrap merchant who says he lied for money and asks how much she will give. She says 2, 4, 10,000. He tells her new address..


Bhootu 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suchi meets a man and says he sold doll to someone who will recycle it and make a new doll. Gopal says if doll is destroyed, then Pihu is also destroyed.

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Bhootu Details

Bhutu (also spelled Bhootu) is a Bengali / Hindi children’s comedy-drama television series that airs on Zee Bangla and Zee TV.

The original series was broadcast on Zee Bangla. The series revolves around a friendly girl ghost, “Bhutu”, who always tries to help others, often causing light mischief and mayhem in the process. The character is based on Casper the Friendly Ghost. The show is dubbed in Hindi is telecast on Zee Anmol as Laddoo.


Kinshuk Mahajan
Neeraj Goswami
Neetha Shetty
Samir Sharma
Sana Amin Sheikh
Tanushree Kaushal
Vimarsh Roshan
Viraj Kapoor
Akanksha Chamola
Arshiya Mukherjee

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min