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Bhootu 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Bhootu 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Peon informs Suchi that boss is calling her. She scolds boss would have informed over phone instead. She walks into boss’s cabin and imagines market man as boss, then relaxes seeing someone else.

Shaeetal throws tantrums and yells that he is elder son of this house, but got a small room. Sankalp tells she only chose this room, what difference does it make. She yells it makes a lot of difference. Pihu enters and sees Sheetal resting on her mom’s gifted pillow and tries to pull it, but cannot. Gopal comes and Pihu requests to help. Gopal smiles. Sheetal starts sneezing and sits. Pihu picks pillow and runs. Gopal says she forgot her doll. Pihu picks even doll and runs out happily. Sheetal shouts seeing pillow missing.

Suchi greets boss. He looks at her lustfully and asks her to sit. He gives her a file and asks to finish it by evening. Another employee enters wearing miniskirt and shirt with a file. Boss looks at even her lustfully and holds her hand while receiving file. Girl feels embarrassed. Pihu notices it. He praises girl that her dress is very s*xy and asks to keep file on another table. Girls walks. He records clip of her back. Such gets angry and asks him to delete it. Boss warns her to finish file by evening and she can complain anyone in this office, nobody can dare confront him. Suchi goes to her desk and writes resignation letter along with warning that she will file police complaint against him.

Sheetal angrily searches pillow in Suchi’s room and breaks Gopal’s idol while walking away. Pihu panics seeing that and cries holding pieces. Gopal comes in front smiling. Pihu says mamma told he stays in this idol. Gopal says he stays all around. Pihu says Sheetal is so bad, but mamma told not to get angry on elders, so she will not punish Sheetal. Gopal smiles. Suchi returns home and gives laddoos to Pihu. Pihu tells whole story and says she hates Sheetal, but did not punish her as per her mamma’s teachings. Gopal asks Pihu to get 1 laddoo even to him. She ask 1 more laddoo. Suchi says whole laddoo box is hers.

Suchi walks in. Sarita asks how was her first day at job. Suchi say she resigned job and will tell her detailed story later. Sheetal hears that and gives her unwanted comments as usual. Suchi’s boss calls her and asks why did she resign job and how dare she challenged to file complaint against him. She starts and says she can do more than that and continues. Boss says she is so dumb, it was her department head Mr. Sharma and not him, he did not meet her at all. She says sorry, Sharma was misbehaving with Pooja.. Boss disconnects call. Pihu feels guilty.

Anandita sits alone looking at children’s book. Her friend returns from school and asks why she is looking at these books and sits alone whole day, she can attend school as she loves children. Anandita thinks she should. Suchi on the other side reads same book and tells Pihu that her mamma gives her moral gyaan via this book and expresses her desire to attend school. She sadly asks if mamma is searching her or not. Suchi says her mamma is searching and remembering her a lot. Their bonding continues.


Bhootu 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Suchi tells Pihu that she will go to school and become officer, gets her ready in school uniform. Anandita tells her friend she will go to school with her.

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Bhootu Details

Bhutu (also spelled Bhootu) is a Bengali / Hindi children’s comedy-drama television series that airs on Zee Bangla and Zee TV.

The original series was broadcast on Zee Bangla. The series revolves around a friendly girl ghost, “Bhutu”, who always tries to help others, often causing light mischief and mayhem in the process. The character is based on Casper the Friendly Ghost. The show is dubbed in Hindi is telecast on Zee Anmol as Laddoo.


Kinshuk Mahajan
Neeraj Goswami
Neetha Shetty
Samir Sharma
Sana Amin Sheikh
Tanushree Kaushal
Vimarsh Roshan
Viraj Kapoor
Akanksha Chamola
Arshiya Mukherjee

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min