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Bhootu 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Suchi Saves Pihu!


Bhootu 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhootu 22nd December 2017  Episode start with Suchi runs on road to reach recycling factory. She stops vehicles, but no one stops. Finally, a car stops and gets in. It is Aarav’s car and he asks to get out of his car. She pleads it is a question of someone’s life. Aarav drives car, and Suchi stops him near recycling factory. He asks where is hospital here, what is happening. She says she cannot tell and runs into factory. Factory owner stops her and says she cannot go in. She shows Mishti doll’s pic and says her doll is here. Owner says this is not a doll shop and warns to go home.

Suchi pushes him and tries to run in. Guards surround her. She beats guard. Gopal comes and comments when it is a question of child’s safety, mother can become kaali maa and destroy evils. She beats watchmen. Aarav joins her and asks what is happening. Power comes back. Worker starts recycling machine and picks mishit doll and puts it in recycling machine. Suchi runs in and puts her hand in recycling machine. Hand gets injured and she shouts. Worker shouts madam’s hand is stuck, stop machine. Gopal does leela/magic and Suchi removes doll and he hand unmarked. Owner says it is a miracle. Aarav holds her and runs out escaping from watchmen and owner.

Aarav applies bandage on Suchi’s hand and asks if she has gone mad, if she needed doll, he would have bought lakhs of dolls for her. Suchi kisses doll and says she has another work, Arav can handle watchmen and owner standing behind. Owner calls Aarav Salman Khan and asks if he will pay his losses or should he call police.

Suchi returns home and shows Anandita’s prepared laddoos to Pihu in doll and asks to come out and have laddoos. She goes out and when she returns sees Pihu on bed. Gopal does leela and plays flute. Pihu runs and hugs Suchi. They both pamper each other emotionally. Drama continues.


Bhootu 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Anandita tells Subodh that she wants to stay I her house. Subodh says he sold it to Aarav. She says it is good their divorce is happening, court gave 6 months time, but she does not want to stay with him even for 6 minutes. Pihu hears that and gets worried.


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