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Bhootu 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Anandita Gets Back Her House


Bhootu 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Bhootu 27th March 2018 Episode Start With Mohini and Bobby see bag on kitchen cupboard and excitedly try to pick it thinking it has money. They ask Damroo to bring ladder. Jokergiri starts. Pihu and Gopal watch hiding and think they will be fooled now. Damroo brings ladder. Mohini and Bobby try to step ladder but fall. Damroo climbs and throws bag on Bobby and scolds him. They both open bag and find dollars. Bobby says gandiji’s photo is different. Mohini says they are dollar, let us and run. They both run picking bag. Gopal and Pihu enjoy their drama. Vikram thinks he will get back house from fraudsters Mohini and Bobby and give to Anandita.

Mohini and Bobby return with govt officer and shout at Vikram and family they betrayed and kept fake currency. Pihu shouts they are thieves. Vikram tells officer that he wants to buy this house, but does not trust these 2, so he kept fake currency to test them, they are frauds and tried to steal money, he would have transferred money into their account if they were genuine. Officer says he is their neighbor, so he believed them, they wasted their time (neighbor does not know who his real neighbor is).

He leaves. Vikram says he will not buy this house now. Mohini and Bobby fall on his feet and plead to buy their house as their mother is ill and they need money for her treatment. Anandita says let us buy it then. Pihu also agrees. Vikram says he will buy house only if they sign papers first, then he will transfer money in their accounts. Mohini opposes, but then agrees and signs papers. Vikram takes papers. Mohini asks to transfer money now. Anandita removes her wig.

Mohini shouts betrayal and asks Bobby to snatch papers. Bobby snatches and runs. Drama starts. Cat and mouse game ensues. Finally, Gopal lifts Pihu and she takes papers from Bobby. Pihu says her house does not have place for frauds. Sooraj and Neelam throw them out of house. Bobby says his gym equipment is in house itself. Mohini says let us run from here.

Mohini and Bobby run and see people running behind them. They run thinking people watch to catch them. Pihu’s doppelganger steal something, and people run behind her. Mohini and Bobby do situps apologizing people, but people pushy them and run behind Pihu’s Doppelganger. People surround her and each one alllege she stole something from their store.

Doppelganger girl confronts them. They discuss they should send this orphan girl to NGO, some suggests police. She escapes and runs. Mohini sees Pihu, Anandita, and Subodh’s photo and throws it shouting she does not want to keep evil Pihu’s photo. Doppelganger picks it and is surprised to see her duplicate’s photo. She calls Mohini and Bobby item. They turn are shocked thinking what is Anandita’s daughter doing here.


Bhootu 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Mohini plans to replace Doppelganger with Pihu to get back Anandita’s house. Pihu gets a bad dreams and tells Anandita she does not want to go away from mamma, she saw a bad dream.