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Bhootu 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Suchi Saves Aarav From Fire Accident!


Bhootu 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhootu 28th December 2017 Episode Start With Pihu with Gopal drops ice cold water on Aarav and hide. Aarav thinks Suchi dropped water and shouts to come out. Suchi comes to balcony and asks what happened. Aarav asks why did she pour ice cold water on him and asks to come down and apologize. Suchi says why should she, sees Pihu hiding and praises her that she did tat for tat and asks not to do any mischief again. Pihu asks Gopal what is tit for tat.

Babli wipes Aarav’s head while Aarav continues sneezing and asks why does he go near Suchi, she does not deserve his attention. She says she is planing new year party. Aarav says they cannot party when Mansi is in jail.

Pihu goes to kitchen and sees Gulgule barbecuing corn cob on gas. She excitedly asks him to give her some. Suman calls Gulgule, and he leaves gas open and runs

away. Aarav walks in to prepare coffee for him fuming that he caught cold because of Pihu. He searches lighter. Pihu pleads not to switch on lighter, reminiscing herself burning in fire accident. She runs to call Suchi. Suchi comes running asking Aarav not to light gas. Aarav lights gas. Suchi pulls Aarav away just before fire accident and saves him. Babli rushes to Aarav concerned and asks if he is fine, she scolds Suchi that she is troubling Aarav always and now tried to kill him. Aarav says it is not Suchi’s mistake, she in fact saved him. Gulgule says he left gas open by mistake. Babli angrily raises hand to slap him, but Suchi holds her hand and says Gulgule is an innocent kid and does not know what he did.

Babli says Mansi is in jail because of Suchi and Aarav would have died because of her brother, she should punish Gulgule so that he should not do any mistake in the future. Suchi says even she is trying to make her understand same, what Mansi did purposefully was wrong and an innocent child Pihu died because of her. Aarav emotionally hugs Suchi and thanks her for making him realize his mistake via his mother, he was thinking from a brother’s perspective and did not think of that girl. He sneezes. She keeps her hand on his mouth. He says he will propose her today in front of everyone during new year party.

Party arrangements start. Pihu and Gulgule jump happily in excitement. Suman stops Gulgule and says they are not invited for the party, so they will not attend it. Babli speaks to someone over phone and plans to harm Suchi. Aarav over phone excitedly tells someone that he will promise someone.

Gopal gets laddoo for Pihu and says her mamma prepared laddoos. Pihu rushes to Anandita’s home and sees Subodh telling Anandita that he is taking her out for dinner to celebrate new year party. She says she does not want to and if he had spent time with her instead of Mansi, she would have thought and says she wants divorce from him soon and hope she does not meet him in life again. Subodh angrily shouts it is waste talking to her. Pihu gets worried seeing her parents fighting.


Bhootu 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aarav invites Suchi and family for new year party. Suchi says she will attend party only if he invites Anandita and Subodh for party.


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