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Bhootu 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Mansi Stabs Anandita


Bhootu 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bhootu 4th December 2017 Episode start With Suchi goes to police station and gives evidence that Mansi killed Pihu and not Aarav. She takes police along to get Mansi arrested. Pihu walks on road to meet Aarav. Rain starts. She runs behind her mamma/Anandita seeing her. Gopal is seen with her. Anandita reaches Aarav’s house holding knife and calls Mansi to come out. Babli is with Mansi consoling her. She hears Anandita and comes out of room. Anandita shouts to call her daughter, she killed Pihu. Babli pleads to spare her daughter. Anandita sees Mansi in a room, walks in and closes door. She roughs up Mansi and asks why did she kill Pihu. Mentally unstable Mansi says she did not and calls Babli for help.

Pihu reaches with Gopal and happily tries to hug mamma, but passes via her. Babli opens door knocking it. Anandita and Mansi’s fight continues. Suchi comes with police and arrow and is shocked seeing Mansi stabbing Anandita during their tussle. Anandita collapses. Mansi says she did not do anything. Inspector says Mansi killed Pihu earlier and now stabbed Anandita, so he will arrest her. Babli pleads not to arrest her daughter, but police arrests her and takes he away. Babli scolds Aarav that Suchi got Mansi arrested, all because of him. Aarav fumes that Suchi tricked him and got Mansi arrested, he will not spare her for her tricks.

Suchi rushes Anandita to hospital. Doc takes Anandita to ICU. Pihu pleads mamma to wake up and talk to her. Suchi prays god to save Pihu’s mother. Subodh also rushes to hospital and asks who harmed his wife, what happened to her. Doc says she is stabbed and her condition is very critical, he asks for O negative blood. Suchi and Subodh text someone for blood. Subodh then sits on chair and cries all happened because of him, he will not forgive himself. Pihu says mamma is unwell, she is bleeding. Subodh cannot hear her. Suchi gets a reply from a donor. She happily tells Pihu that her mamma will be fine soon. Doctor transfuses Anandita and says her conditio is critical even now and her changes of revival are lame. Pihu prays Gopal to cure her mamma and peeps into Anandita’s room. Anandita’s soul leaves body.


Bhootu 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gopal tells Pihu that destiny has given her a chance to meet her mom’s soul, she has to decide if she wants to get mukti with her mother or send her mother back to life. Anandita is seen playing with Pihu.


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