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Bigg Boss 10 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Day 101
Inmates wake up and dance to song Dunya ek mela song.

Manu says to Rohan that Lopa tasted them by cooking dishes. Lopa says you keep cribbing about my food like i am in master chef, why you have problem? Manu says you kept asking chefs, Rohan says Manu has eaten your food Lopa, he is just joking, Lopa says there should be limits to joking, Manu says bear joking as much as you can then react.

Manveer says to inmates that we should leave house happily. Manu says Rohan is going to leave, he wont be worried about nominations anymore, Rohan says there is no top 2 or top 3, people just remember winner. Manu says they are going to make Rohan to “dunya ek mela”, Lopa laughs.

Bigg Boss introduces mela task wherein

the garden area is turned into a fair and the housemates are allotted different stalls. There will be five stalls and each inmate will get a stall. At regular intervals, guests will enter the house and the contestants will have to entertain them at their respective stalls, guests will give them points on basis of their entertaining. Rohan will be horse in task, he will walk like horse on guest’s requests.
Inmates come in garden and see stalls.
Manu is selected to hit the Joker stall wherein the guests can make the housemates as targets and hit them with a sponge dipped in soap water.
Manveer is chosen for questions and dare stalls wherein he will ask questions to the guests and can take a dare in return.
Lopa has to take care of the massage counter while Rohan is made to be a horse wearing a costume and a mask.
Bani has become “baba” where she has to talk about inmates on request of guests.

Rohan dresses as horse by wearing horse costume, Rohan says costume is weird, Manu says i am going to ride horse, this is wild, white horse, they could have made him something else. Rohan says i am horse of long race.

season 9 contestant Mandana Karimi enters house. Bani comes and hugs her. Mandana says Bani doesnt only have tattoos but everything else too. Mandana says lets have fun, she calls Bani with her. Mandana says to Lopa that your makeup is too much so we will clean it, she asks Lopa to play wet sponge game with Bani, Lopa places her face on board, Bani hits it with sponge, she hits Lopa’s face with sponge, Lopa wipes her face, Bani hits two sponges, all laugh. Mandana says i have to give reason for it. Mandana says to Lopa that you maybe Miss India but you are behaving like a little girl who is always nagging, you and Rohan keep nagging Bani, whatever happened with Bani, she never talk behind your back badly, Rohan said she has nothing but tattoos, i was here and i know we say things which we dont mean. Mandana says to Lopa that you try to find way to justify yourself, Lopa says i accept my mistake, i am most common girl in this house, Mandana says you think you are best in house. Mandana asks Bani to talk about Lopa as baba. Bani says i dont like how she lives with us here, she keep taunting me that i dont talk with anyone but she keep talking to Rohan only? Lopa says nothing like that, Bani asks if you are sorry for anything? i have nothing against you, i am sorry for anything but you think that i fake my apologies too, this is not good, Mandana claps and says finally Bani started talking. Mandana asks Lopa to say sorry with heart, Lopa hugs Bani tightly and lifts her in air and says sorry, she says happy now? Bani hugs her back.

Mandana eats gol gappas from Manveer’s stall, he gives her tissue, Mandana says gol gappas were sweet like Manveer, Manveer says aww. Mandana says i want to share it with Manveer, she makes Manveer eat gol gappas from her hands. Manu says i will give money to eat from Mandana’s hands, Mandana says joker, all laugh.

Mandana says to Lopa that i am not saying i dont like you as person but what you said about Bigg boss was not correct, its difficult to accept defeat but you can spit in plate you are eating, you are in Bigg boss because of Bigg boss, Lopa says i respect Bigg boss, i said sorry, Manveer says you shouldnt say things which you have to feel sorry about, Mandana says i dont think so, you are looking like Om and Priyanka, Lopa says oh God, Manu says it used to work on them but it doesnt look good on Lopa, Mandana says yes, you are in finals and you shouldnt be villain in finals, Lopa says i dont mean it.

Bigg boss asks Mandana how was in mela? she says great. Mandana asks her to leave house. Mandana gives 50points to Rohan and Lopa. She gives points to Manveer and and Manu and gives all her remaining money to Bani, she hugs her and says be happy, she leaves. Bani is happy to see bag of money with her.

Bani says guests will come with different point of views and we all will be scolded. Manu says Manveer got 100points from her. Rohan says i am leaving house. Lopa says Mandana said that Bani is her favorite, she dislikes me, Bani says she doesnt dislike you, Lopa says she was giving me cold vibe, dont know what they are showing me, Manveer says you keep saying wrong things.

Manu says to Manveer that if someone has won hearts then its hir or her way, Manveer says Bani seems winner that way. Lopa says one person called me villain because her favorite is Bani, Rohan says she was wrong when she said that Lopa is like Om, Lopa says i dont have to convince everyone, i dont have to think what Mandana thinks, i am doing things as Lopa, i have not come to please people, Manu says you are right.

Lopa gets emotional and says to Rohan that i cant do this anymore, we didnt plan to come out of finale room together, Bigg boss blamed us that we planned it, but we didnt, there are so many cameras but still they couldnt see it was not our strategy, Bigg boss is against me, i am not saying anything, i have tolerated a lot, i want to go back to house, she cries and says nothing is left now, i want to go back with something, what if dont have anything left after i leave this house? i dont want my life to be over, Rohan says people would understand you thats why you are in finals, you wouldnt reach till here if you were wrong. Lopa says i dont want to hide my face anymore, she screams that how much i have to hide my face? Bani, Manveer and Manu comes there, Bani caresses her back to calm her, Lopa says i dont want to go to finale, i want my life back, Bani says we all must have thought that how we are looking outside, we have to trust show and trust ourselves, Lopa says i dont want to play finale, i just want to go, i beg to give me life back, Manveer says no one would blame you after show for fights, Lopa says what Mandana said would affect me, Manveer says you wouldnt have reached till here, Lopa says she called me same as Swami, just because Bigg boss called Mandana and gave her mic so she could say anything? Manu says they made Rohan horse, Manu becomes horse and acts funnily, Lopa and all others laugh at his antics.

Ex-contestant Nitibha Kaul comes in house, she says my talk time didnt end till now. Manveer and Bani hugs her. Manu hugs her, Rohan says you are looking good. Lopa hasnt come out and is doing her makeup. Niti says to Bani that you are looking good. She says to inmates that people have made videos on me and Manveer calling he NitVeer and they were calling me sister in law, Bani says its insane but adorable.

Rohan is walking like horse. Niti says everything is going good outside. Niti comes to Manveer’s stall. Manveer asks her question which inmate have disappointed her most? Niti says when i left house, i saw that Manu told Manveer that i wouldnt even take Manveer’s call after show and i was using him in show only, people told me that you had put fire between Manveer and mine friendship, i felt bad about it because i had good equation with you.

Niti says to Manveer that you are no less, when someone asked you that are you missing Niti? you said you didnt miss me at all. Manveer says i had put teddy bear wit “i love you” in your luggage, Niti says people are saying that Manu created problems between us, Manveer says you have changed, i feel like it, Niti says be remain like this, like you joke and remain happy, Manveer gives her gol gappa.

Bigg boss asks Niti how was it to enter house again? Niti says it was so good to comeback again and to listen your voice. Niti says i will give 10points to everyone as goodluck, Manu says we pray that you remain happy with your kids, all laugh. Manu hugs her and says its good to see you, Niti hugs everyone and asks Manveer to win show, she leaves.

Manveer says to Manu that they might show us journey after Rohan going out, Manu says Rohan didnt play with mind, he laughs. Rohan says after Mandana came, my image has gone in negative, Manu says you image went down when you came in house, Rohan laughs, Manu says most clever mind was of Rohan but he didnt use it, Lopa and Rohan laughs. Manu says Rohan jumped in Lopa’s ship, Lopa says which ship you people are using? Manu says we didnt have any ship.

Bigg boss asks inmates to come in garden area. Manveer says to Rohan that we had good journey with you. he hugs Rohan.
All comes in garden, there are Bani and Rohan’s photo standing there. Bigg boss asks Bani and Rohan to stand infront of their buzzer but dont press it till we ask you too, they stand near buzzer. Lopa, Manu and Manveer sit on chairs. Bigg boss says its time to announce who will be 4th finalist, one will be evicted from Rohan and Bani. Rohan gives flying kiss to Lopa. Bigg boss says one inmate will not be reaching finals, tell us something about your journey. Bani says i have become emotional hearing it, it was most difficult journey for me and i didnt cry this much anywhere, i had ups and downs, i loved and hated people here, i have learned a lot, i thank everyone who lived with me, i will have memories of here, its going to be good, Manu and Manver says love you. Rohan says when i entered house, i thought i would leave house in one week but i am in 15th week and this is great for me, i made friends here, i just want to say that i have become strong here, i am happy to reach till here. Lopa is weeping hearing it. Bigg boss says now its time to know who will be 4th finalist. Bigg boss asks Rohan and Bani to press buzzer. with both Rohan and Bani standing in front of their photos and pressing buzzers. As soon as they pressed it, Rohan’s photo went up in flames, indicating his end on the show. Rohan hugs Bani. Bigg boss says BANI IS 4TH FINALIST. Lopa hugs Rohan, Lopa goes to Bani and hugs her too. Rohan hugs Manu and Manveer. Bigg boss says to Rohan that you were no less than others, people liked you a lot but your journey was till now only, its time for you to leave house. Rohan wishes luck to Bani, he asks Lopa to win. Lopa is crying, Lopa hugs him and says you are best, my journey was fabulous because of you only, Manu says we miss you, Rohan leaves house. Lopa cries. Manveer hugs her and says you are going to leave soon too, Lopa says he wanted to stay, Manu says its just about 3days, Manveer says we will be with him after 3days, Lopa says he wanted to stay, he could have stayed for 3 more days.

Bani is sitting in garden alone.
Manveer says to Lopa that its not about 3days, you have made him friend and it wont be broken, this show has given us a lot. Lopa says this is game only with us. Manveer says we dont know that you might leave too, Lopa laughs, Manveer says they might drag you out of house.
Manu is sitting smoking room and says to himself that life is tough.

PRECAP- Ex-contestant Naveen enters house, all are excited to see him, Naveen says to Manu that life is bad, it takes a lot. Lokesh will come too. Ex-contestan Rishabh Sinha comes in house. Manveer questions him whose true face hanst come to fore? Rishabh says Manu’s true face hanst come out, Manveer is white and Manu is black, Manveer does good and Manu does negative. Naveen reads that Manver has to give board to one inmate and inmate have to put it around neck. Manveer brings board, its written on board “i dont deserve to be finalist”. Manveer gives board to Manu and asks him to wear it. Manu takes board from Manver and leaves. He comes in luggage room and angrily throws board away.

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