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Bigg Boss 10 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Day 103
Bani shows bird to Manver and says he sits on camera everyday, see he is sitting there. Manu says Bani has noticed all this, you are deserving Bani, i am loving you now, Bani laughs.

Bigg Boss calls Manveer inside the activity area. Bigg boss says you came as commoner in house and was an angry man, who used to raise hand on everything but kept anger in check, people doubted your capability but you kept improving, you raised voice for right, you did thing what you thought was right from heart, you have fulfilled your friendship and you even sacrificed your beard for your friend Manu. Bigg boss shows him his entire journey in a snapshot. Bigg Boss throws a spotlight on different pictures capturing his highs and lows on the show. Starting from his entry inside the house as a dogged Indiawala, sporting a heavy beard, and a strong personality to maturing into a sensible and patient person, Manveer has come a long way in the show and displayed great passion in every task. His emotional side came to the fore when Manu made an untimely exit from the show because of a personal emergency and Manveer bid him an emotional goodbye, you didnt let anyone take Manu’s things away, Bigg boss says you became friend with Niti, it was desi girl and english girl, you were honest in games too, you got injured in paint task and asked Lopa to tell results as pr rules only. Bigg Boss also highlighted the scenario wherein Manveer made a truce with his father on the show and cried in front of him like a small baby, Manveer bows seeing his fathers picture, Manveer is crying now, Bigg boss says whole india cried that day. Bigg boss says you saw what you earned when you went to shopping mall, people like your down to earth personality, you have come from nothing to celebrity, let see some moments of your journey. Manveer’s audition video is shown, how he talked in village is shown, how Manveer entered, how met Lopa and said that she cant go to village in her long dress, his fights with Rohan is shown, how Salman threatened him to not raise hand, then how became friend with Manu, how he shaved his beard for Manu, M3’s friendship is shown, Manver handling Swami is shown, how he kept Swami in line, how he kept taking care of Swami, how Salman praised him for that, his friendship with Niti is shown, how Niti said that he has depth in his eyes. Manu’s comment is shown that Manveer is just playing game only, how Mona said that Manveer is changing, how Manveer got injured his head in task, how Manveer became captain of house, how Gautam called him his favorite, how Manveer met his father is shown, Manveer breaks down after watching his journey. Bigg Boss says these memories will remain with you, we pray that your end of this journey will be great too, Bigg boss sets all the pictures ablaze and wishes Manveer good luck for the final phase of the game as firework surrounds Manveer. Manveer thanks Bigg boss for showing trust in him, i wont disappoint you, he kisses ground and leaves.

Manveer comes in bedroom, Manveer says it was everything, Manu hugs him, Manveer says they cleared all my doubts, Lopa i am sorry, i told you that dogs will be behind your dress in your village when we entered house, Lopa laughs and says i got so annoyed at him that from which village he is? he doesnt know any fashion.

Lopa is called inside the activity and Bigg Boss takes her through her journey. From entering the house sporting a crown along with co-contestant Swami Om to emerging as a strong contestant. bigg boss says Lopa came in house to win title of Bigg boss, Lopa’s journey was full of many exciting moments. She was one contestant who always called spade a spade and never minced words while maintaining a straight forward attitude, Bigg boss says you gave life to tasks, even Rohan and Mona bid highest on you in rail task, he says you made hateful relation with Bani, Lopa says i never hated her, i just reacted. Bigg boss says you became so emotional seeing your sister’s letter that you tried to put hand in furnace just to get some words of that letters, when Rohan locked himself in washroom, you kept trying to calm him, this shows how good relations you make, Her confidence was seldom taken otherwise by her fellow inmates but that never made her weak or fearful. Bigg Boss shows her journey, how she entered in house, how she had bath in pool in bikini, how she danced and had fun, how she became captain, how she didnt take Swami’s abuses silently, they also show her few glimpses of her major fight with ex-contestant Priyanka Jagga and how she handled all her abuses with absolute grace, phone task is shown, how Bani asked personal questions and how they got physical with each other, Rohan’s friendship with her is shown, their cute moments, their dances together, how Rohan got evicted and left Lopa, how Lopa praised him for being her friend. After watching her journey, tears of joy start trickling down Lopa’s eyes and she profusely thanks Bigg Boss for making every single time inside the house a memorable one, she says this show mean a lot to me, like i cant compare my father to anyone but i want to compare Big boss to him, if we got stray, Bigg boss calmed us, i have trusted Bigg boss a lot, Bigg boss says its time to enter last part of show, Lopa’s pictures turns on fire and firework sparkles on Lopa, Lopa says i love you Bigg boss.

Next one to grace the activity area is Manu. Bigg boss says Manu is important name for Bigg boss season 10, you were always a clever player, you kept team united. Mona and Manu’s friendship will be written with golden words, Manu and Manver is like same name today, when Manveer was hurt in bungee task, it was Manu who was crying for him, While Manu was going strong in the show, he had to step out for a personal emergency but stroke back with more confidence even after surviving a big loss, even after hearing Priyanka’s hurtful words, you didnt answer her and calmly took her words, you are biggest entertainer of Bigg boss season 10. Bigg boss says lets see your journey. Manu’s audition video plays, how he said that when i see winners of Bigg boss, i would say i have more current than him, then how Manu entered house and how he had fights with celebrities, how he had fights with rohan, how he gave his 100% to every task, how he made fun of Lokesh, how he made fun of Swami, how he entertained people, his friendship with Manveer is chosen, how he helped Manveer to become captain, their moments are shown together, his moments with Mona is shown, how Mona nominated herself to give him his gift, how he left house due to his mother’s untimely demise, how Manu and Manveer missed him, how Manu re-entered in house again, how he tried to cope with his pain, his fights with Swami is shown, Priyanka’s hurtful words are shown and how Manu didnt even answer her, how Salman called him man of week, his mall moments are shown, how Alia Bhatt called him her favorite, how he became finalist. After catching a glimpse of his heart-warming journey, Manu cries out of happiness and thanks Bigg Boss making his journey so special and memorable. Bigg boss says its time to write last note of this story, Manu’s pictures ablaze on fire and firework is drawn on him, Bigg boss wishes him luck, Manu says love you Bigg boss.
Manu comes out of activity area, and is emotional, Manveer hugs him and asks what happened? Manu says it was superb, Manveer says its great, we have done so much in show.

Lastly, Bigg Boss calls Bani in the activity area and exhibits her journey. Bigg boss says Bani entered in house sporting a muscular body and wearing saree over her track suit, Bani entered the house with oodles of confidence and fortitude. She became first captain but she was one contestant who was completely misunderstood and survived the entire season in solitude, you fought with inmates for eggs, it was entertaining to see Bani’s love for food, your journey was difficult, inmates even taunted your tattoos, Bani found a friend in co-contestant Gaurav and their love-hate relationship became a highlight of the season. But contrary to her physique, you had to face hated relation with Lopa too, you have lived alone in this house, like Gauhar said, even if you have muscles, afterall you are a girl, people said that you are no one’s friend but your friendship with Guahar showed entirely different picture. Bani’s journey is shown, how Bani entered in house, her friendship with Gaurav is shown, her compassion is shown, how Bani became first captain, Bigg Boss also shows Bani that how her on and off fights with Lopa drew a lot of attention and even got her into the bad books of her fellow contestants Bani, how Manveer said that Bani is not strong, i didnt see it in her, how she didnt pee in tasks, how Manu said that Bani has no strength, how Bani said that it was not my motivation to do tasks, how she cried in tasks, how she felt lonely, her biggest fight with Lopa and Swami is shown, how she walked out of press conference, urine incident with Swami is shown, how she got emotional, how she got video message from her sister, her banging on door waiting for Gauhar is shown, how Gauhar entered in house and hugged her tightly, how Gauhar asked her to kill it, how Farah said Bani is her favorite, how she became finalist. After watching her journey, Bani appears to be absolutely numb and speechless, she tries to control her tears. Bigg boss says this journey is ending, like your tattoos, you are leaving mark on show, her pictures catch fire and firework is showered on her, Bani smiles calmly.

Bani says to Manveer that i was made to feel how hated i was, you and Manu used to hate me too, they showed me what you people said, they made me listen what you and Manu said about me, Manu says they showed you wrong video, Lopa says they didnt show us anyone backbiting about me. Bani says they showed me everything what you people said behind me. Lopa says they showed in my video how Salman said that i didnt say anything against your mother, Bani walks away from her and says you take whole box of tissues and leave me alone, Lopa says you take it, Lopa says dont talk to me in insulting way. Manveer asks her to not start it, Lopa says Bani started talking about it, why did she start? i would react.
Bani locks herself in washroom, Manveer knocks and asks if she is fine? Bani says yes.

Manveer says that Bani has locked herself in washroom. Manu says she must me talking to herself in washroom, Lopa laughs.
In restroom, Bani says in camera that there is a lot going in heart but i dont feel like talking at the moment.

PRECAP- There will be debate between celebrities and commoners. Farah Khan hosts it. Farah asks who ruled this season? commoners or celebrities? Manu says there is passion to become someone in commoners. Lopa says i have given tough fight to all commoners alongwith with my teammates. Bani says no commoner washed toilet. There will be Ravi Dubey, Puneet Issar in panel too. Farah says commoners have shown aggression in tasks. Farah says to Bani that Priyanka said such bad stuff about his mother but you didnt take stand there. Ravi says to Lopa that you and Bani have childish attitude, Barkha asks Bani if Bani is no one’s friend? Bani says Niti, Mona and Gaurav were my friends, Manu says she made them friends to use them, Bani says what advantage of Gaurav did i take? Manu says i cant even say it, it will go in press, it was like “friends with benefits”, Bani says you are projecting me like i am a bad person.

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