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Bigg Boss 11 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 11 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bigg Boss 11 3rd November 2017 Episode Start With Day 33
Shilpa is sitting outside jail and is talking to Arshi, she says if someone is sleeping in deep sleep and is suddenly woken up? its so much fun, I can make lullaby, she asks Vikas to sleep. Vikas is very sleepy but cant sleep, he laughs and says how can I deal with mental? Shilpa sings apple pie apple pie.. Sapna says what if Vikas sleeps and Shilpa stands beside him with open hair to scare him? Shilpa says he will start running again. Vikas says she is going crazy, do I look like someone to you? Shilpa says no one has more bad face than you.

Hiten asks Shilpa to let Vikas sleep. Shilpa is still outside jail and says to Aakash that I slept coffee to remain awake. Vikas is lying in bed and trying to sleep. Shilpa throws bottle near Vikas in jail, Vikas

is covering himself with sheet and doesnt move. Shilpa brings pool cleaning net that has big stick and pokes at Vikas through it in jail. Vikas wakes up and asks who did that? Shilpa laughs and says good night Gupta Ji. Sabya says what madness Shilpa? Vikas wakes up from deep sleep and says Shilpa are you mad? Ben comes to Vikas and says Shilpa will leave house soon. Vikas says I dont care, I have to go to washroom. Ben asks Luv to open jail, Sabya says he cant open jail without Bigg boss’s order. Vikas says to Luv that I have to go to washroom, I cant use jail’s washroom, my hand is paining. Shilpa says he cant use jail’s washroom? Sabya says his right hand is paining. Vikas requests Bigg boss to open jail.

Sapna wakes Luv up and says you have duty, Vikas wants to go to washroom of house, his hand is paining so Luv have to bring him out.
Shilpa and Aakash are still sitting outside jail. Shilpa says Vikas cant use right hand so he cant wash his after using washroom of jail so he wants to use washroom of house. Luv opens jail and brings Vikas out of house. Vikas says to camera that I want to leave house, I cant bear this much torture, Luv says you need to go to washroom. Vikas says I am in pain, my hand and head aches, this woman is torturing me. Shilpa says I should go sleep, Shilpa runs to bedroom. In garden, Luv says to Vikas that you have to go back to jail. Vikas says you be nice captain but I cant sleep there, I am in pain, she poked me when I was sleeping, threw bottle at me, I cant stay here. Vikas comes in jail. He gets angry on Shilpa. He comes out of jail again breaking in from between bars, he comes out and says no one is responsible now, Luv you are not responsible for bringing me out, I came out now. In house, Shilpa says to Aakash that I tried to end things with him but he wants this, Aakash says I will be happy that if he runs away, Shilpa says no needs to be tortured more.
Vikas says to inmates that I am done, I am leaving, Hiten and Hina says please dont do it.

Vikas is walking in garden. He tries to open door but they are locked. Vikas puts table near roof in garden and climbs on it to jump to roof and go out of house. He stands on stool but sees he cant jump on roof so he gets down.

Luv comes to Vikas and asks him to sleep. Vikas says this mental woman cant let me sleep. Lvu says you cant jump out of house like this, your hand doesnt have strength. Vikas says I know but I cant stay here. Luv says they will call you but dont try to jump out.

Vikas jumps in jail again and lies on his bed and goes to sleep.

Inmates wake up to song woh Sikandar. Shilpa comes to jail and pokes Vikas with umbrella, Vikas doesnt move. All inmates dance. Luv tells Hiten that Vikas tried to jump out of house by roof. Hina says have he gone mad? I would have told him better way, Hiten laughs and asks what is better way?

Hina says to Bandagi that he tried to jump on roof and jump out of house. Aakash says he doesnt deserve to be talked, he wants his friends back and is doing drama, he should be tortured more. Puneesh says Vikas needs to go back home, this will be insult if they dont send Vikas home.
Hina says to Hiten that Vikas will be happy when Bigg boss announces that Vikas is contender for captaincy too, he will be perfectly normal after that.

Puneesh and Aakash comes to luggage room. Aakash says Vikas must have hidden my immunity shield in his bag, Aakash says can we open it? its guy’s bag so I can look inside. Puneesh peeks in his bag, he tries to break lock. Aakash says just leave it, Puneesh says if he leaves house then he will take your shield, we have to find out.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that I am going to find Aakash’s shield, she asks how? Puneesh says its in Vikas’s bag, I will find it. Bandagi says all will be going against you, they will say that you put hands in his bag, I wont talk to you if you get involved in Aakash’s matter, dont put yourself in trouble for Aakash, Puneesh says okay.

Shilpa says Luv that you are captain and not even saying that Aakash’s shield should be given back, Luv says even Bigg boss is not interfering, Shilpa says you are captain, its your responsibility to ask Vikas to give it back. Luv says I know what I have to do. Shilpa says to Sapna that I am living with people who are filthy, they are all Vikas’s loyals.
Luv comes to inmates and says Shilpa is asking me to give shield to Aakash, Hiten says it will come to Aakash and Vikas and she wants that.

Puneesh and Aakash comes to luggage area, Puneesh breaks lock of his bag, they open bag and finds shield inside bag, Aakash hides his shield in Puneesh’s bag. Puneesh says now remain silent and dont tell anyone that we found shield.

Shilpa comes to jail and asks how are you Vikas? I thought to ask criminal how he is? Shilpa says he is mastermind, he was out of jail whole night and still mastermind, he is criminal 420, do you want apple pie? your hand must be paining, why you keep running? you must be tired of running. Vikas says why you act so much? Shilpa says I didnt do acting for many days because you banned me, Vikas says I banned you?

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