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Bin Kuch Kahe 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Bin Kuch Kahe 10th February 2017 video watch online on

Kabeer’s friend asks him why did he prank Myra, if he knows her well. Kabeer says not exactly well, he feels there is some connection between them and he likes pranking her. He says he is a journalist and if he wants a fling in his 3 month stay in Mumbai. Kabeer says no, he wants to be honest to whoever he marries. Friend says he knows that to do with Myra now.

Myra tells Paro and Nidhi how a fake brigadier Puri pranked him and then real Puri called. Nidhi asks how did she get unknown number. Myra says she found it in her clutch and thought mama kept it. Paro checks it and says it is Kabeer’s number and he had given it to her. Nidhi says this time Myra herself called him, there is some connection between them. Myra gets Zee News call for interview. She happily informs Paro and Nidhi. Kabeer messages and congratulates her for an interview. She thinks how does he know about interview, anyways he wants her to and ask, so she will not.

Next morning, Myra gets ready for interview. Nidhi and Paro discuss Myra’s family in Jaipur must be excited about Myra’s Zee News job. Myra says she did not inform them as she did not get job yet. They say whole family is dependent on her. Myra reaches Zee News office. Receptionist takes her to a conference room and says Mr. Roy will be coming soon.

Nikhil and his parents show wedding cards to Sudha and Abha. Abha says this color is Riya’s favorite. Mother says that is why Nikhil was insisting on this color. Riya comes. Nikhil shows her wedding card and asks if it is good. She says there no need for it now as she has changed her mind, she is not excited about marriage, so she feels she should not marry.

Mr. Roy/Kabeer’s friend enters conference room and introduces himself as Zee News’ editor in chief and apologizes for the prank. He says that she is selected. She says if Kabeer is involved, then she is not interested. Roy says Kabeer is not involved in all this. Myra says then yes.

Sudha scolds Riya and asks her to apologize Nikhil’s parents. Riya says it is better to cancel marriage instead of getting divorce. She returns card to Nikhil’s mother and wedding ring to Nikhil, says it is over now and leaves.

Roy gets Myra’s appointment letter and says she should join next week. She thanks him and asks if Kabeer was involved in that prank. Roy says Kabeer is a dear friend and is one of best journalist and nobody messes up with Kabeer Miranda.

Nikhil’s mother scolds Sudha that she gave wrong upbringing to her daughters, one is a divorcee and another so arrogant. Sudha says Myra is still immature, she will explain her. Mother says Riya is cunning and not immature. She returns engagement ring and leaves with family. Sudha scolds Abha that she and Riya spoilt papa’s name, only Myra is her daughter

Kabeer enters conference room. Myra shouts how dare he is to play prank on her. He says a good journalist looks at both sides of story, asks her to remember it and leaves. Myra gets Abha’s call that Riya broke her engagement. She leaves from there. Roy asks Kabeer if he is happy about job. Kabeer says it is not his job. Roy says Myra’s face looked shocked. Kabeer says he knows. Roy’s assistant informs that Myra left without taking appointment letter. Myra goes to cafeteria weeping, thinking of Riya’s engagement breakout. Kabeer enters and sits in front of her and says this time, it is not a coincidence, he saw her coming here and asks for coffee. She nods yes. He orders coffee.

Precap :Myra wakes up in the morning and finds herself draped in only bedsheet. She finds Kabeer’s wallet.

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