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Bin Kuch Kahe 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Myra returns home. Akshay asks if she was with Kabeer whole day. She says yes. He asks why. She says mamma had sent him for shopping she had other work also. He fumes. She asks if his wedding shopping is done. He says yes, only shoes are left, he will go with Nikhil tomorrow. Myra walks in. Kabeer comes holding shopping bags and asks if they can go for shoe shopping tomorrow. Akshay shouts never with him. Kabeer taunts him and then asks how are wedding arrangements going, it is his friend Nikhil’s wedding. Akshay says he will serve water during wedding and his hopes will fail. Kabeer continues taunting him and walks to his room.

Myra goes to Abha’s room. Abha asks how was her shopping. Myra says good and asks how was her day. Abha says she spent whole day with maa. Myra says she wanted to come to restaurant and then come home with her, if she really did not go to cafeteria, reminiscing Abha and Sandy’s eye-locking romance. Abha says she went, but Sandy had left locking cafeteria already. Myra reminisces Kabeer’s words that she should talk to Abha about Sandy as even Abha should get a second chance in life. Myra asks Abha how is Sandy. She says he is good, handles most of her work and is overqualified for his job, but is staying with a motto. Myra asks what. Abha says he wants to spend time in India. Myra asks if she is sure it is the only motto.

Myra walks down thinking and sees Aryan. Aryan says why they all depend on him, if he is not there what will happen to them. Myra asks if he has to say something. Aryan says mamma and Sandy like each other. Myra asks how does he know. He says mamma gets happy when she is with Sandy like Riya maasi with Nikhil and Myra with Kabeer. She walks away. Kabeer hears their conversation and says Myra that kid understood well than her. Myra walks to her room.

Myra walks to her room thinking of Kabeer and Aryan’s words. Akshay comes and says he needs to talk. She says not now. He holds her hand. Sudha passes by and watches that. She walks in and asks Myra to check if plates are washed. Myra walks to kitchen. Sudha asks Akshay not to meet Myra before marriage as per rituals. Akshay walks out fuming. Kabeer taunts him that his entry is banned till marriage. Akshay fumes and yells. Kabeer continues taunting. Akshay leaves.

Myra cleans plates thinking about Kabeer’s words. Sudha enters. Myra says Abha is not too elder to her, even she needs happiness. Sudha says yes. Myra says she is thinking of Abha’s second marriage. Sudha says let her and Riya’s marriage finish, they will think of Abha’s marriage later. Myra says they can manage. Sudha says no, let her be in peace. She continues scolding.

Myra then walks to living and clashes with Kabeer. She shouts what is this. He says it is destiny. She says he is dreaming. He says his dreams will come true. Their nok jhok continues. Riya tries dupatta and drops it by mistake. It falls on them both. Kabeer says this is called destiny. She says it is coincide. He says he is there to protect her from here, she can look into his eyes how deep they are in her love. Their nok jhok continues.


Bin Kuch Kahe 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Abha asks Sandy if he was expecting she will come to meet him. He says he is working on some idea. She asks not to ignore her and reply.