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Bin Kuch Kahe 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Riya’s dupatta falls on Myra and Kabeer. Kabeer sings a romantic song and taunts Myra. Riya watches from balcony and asks Kabeer to keep her dupatta, she will come down and take in sometime. Myra walks to her room. Kabeer goes out to garden. Akshay meets him there and taunts finally he realized what he is. Kabeer says he is not that type. Akshay says he will get only dupatta and not girl. Riya comes. Kabeer says Akshay thinks he will not get joke. Riya says Kabeer is so charming, he has many option and has just to choose one. Akshay says that was a good joke. Riya says she is serious, in fact if she was not dating Nikhil, she would have dated Kabeer. Akshay fumes and Kabeer smiles.

Abha goes to cafeteria in the morning and tries to chat with him, says he was talking something last night. He says he is busy working on an idea. She asks if he thinks their friendship is a professional and he is concerned as professional friend. She came here last night to check if cafeteria is locked and not meet him. Sandy feels sad and says okay, professional relationship.

Aryan goes to Kabeer’s room and says he need to talk man to man. Kabeer says go ahead. He asks if Sandy is his old friend. Kabeer says he knows for a while. Aryan asks if Sandy can be trusted. Kabeer says he thinks so, else he would not have befriended Sandy. Aryan says mamma is very innocent and he is worried if Sandy… Kabeer says his concern is valid. Aryan tells each family’s qualities. Kabeer says his observation is true. Aryan says he wants Sandy and Abha together.

Nikhil and Akshay mix alcohol in cola and enjoy. Dad comes and he also takes some. Akshay provokes Nikhil against Kabeer and says Sudha warned him not to meet Myra before marriage, all because of Kabeer’s brainwashing. He then provokes Nikhil against Riya and asks why he tolerates Riya’s nonsense always and why does not stop her from wearing short clothes.

Abha takes Aryan from school to cafeteria and asks Sandy if he will take care of Aryan for sometime. Sandy says for professional friend, he can. Aryan chats with Sandy and says there is a sports movie which he wants to go, why not they all go. Sandy asks who. He says me, mamma, and Sandy and asks Sandy to book tickets. Sandy agrees.

Next morning, Nikhil goes to Sudha and asks why did she stop Akshay from not meeting Myra before marriage. Sudha says because he is not Nikhil and asks not to think too much. Nikhil then goes to Riya’s room and sees her exercising. Riya asks him to join her. He says he needs to talk. She continues exercising. He opens wardrobe and says she needs to change her clothes. She says exactly, all her clothes are old, she will change whole wardrobe. Nikhil says she cannot wear short and skimpy clothes as mom does not like them, even he does not. She asks to forget it and get 2-3 home pregnancy kits. He stands shocked.


Bin Kuch Kahe 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nikhil tells aunty saw me going and coming back. He gives pregnancy test and asks what is the result, positive or negative. She asks to go, she will inform him later. He nervously asks to tell something. She says not now.