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Bin Kuch Kahe 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Riya returns home tired from shopping and asks Sudha to give her water. Sudha gets water. Myra asks how was shopping. Riya says okay. Rosy asks what did she shop. She says just usual stuff and asks him when is Nikhil getting married. Myra gets tensed. Sudha says he will soon, why she is worried. Rosy says he will ask bhai and calls Nikhil. Nikhil is in Abha’s cafeteria and rushes home and meets Myra, Rosy, and Kabeer. Rosy says his marriage is after 3 months and he is joining gym to get fit for marriage. Nikhil says what. Rosy says he has to. Riya enters. They all 4 get tensed thinking she heard everything, but she asks Nikhil if he is joining gym. Nikhil says yes. Rosy says he is getting married in 3 months, so has to look his best. Nikhil says he is doing it for himself. Kabeer says that is the spirit, the one he loves will love him the way he is and not try to change him. Rosy asks what is wrong if one wants to look fit for someone. Myra comments Kabeer will not understand as his marriage funda is different. Riya says Nikhil when she insisted, he did not join gym, but now he wants to. Nikhil asks what is her problem, when he changes, she has problem and when he does not, she has problem. Rosy comes and tells Nikhil that he has to meet Sarika and sends him. Riya thinks she will fail Nikhil’s plan.

Next day, Aryan speaks to someone over phone and tells that he is giving surprise gift for Naanu/Sudha on her birthday. Kabeer hears that. Rosy comes and tells they are celebrating Sudha’s birthday and he can join them in cafeteria. Kabeer asks if he can help in arrangements. Rosy says no, he just has to join them. Kabeer says he will prepare cake for aunty. Sudha comes down getting ready. Kabeer jokes she will break lots of hearts today. Sudha says he is getting naughty day by day.

Myra shows her illegal construction covered story. Shekhawat says it is very good and says he will air it in the evening and airs promo on his channel. Kabeer while baking cake calls Shekhawat and asks him to postpone news. Shekhawath says he may be international reporter, but even he has a good experience and will air news as scheduled. Kabeer thinks Myra did wrong and hopes she does not get into trouble.

At cafeteria, Riya, Myra, Abha give their gifts to Sudha. Aryan gives her a robotic watch and she likes it. Rosy says he is taking them all for a movie and then dinner at army canteen. They all leave. Kabeer enters with cake and asks Rajesh where are everyone. He says Rosy took them for a movie and then army canteen for dinner. Kabeer gets disheartened and asks Rajesh to give cake to poor children. At night, everyone reach home and Sudha asks Kabeer why did not he join them. Abha says Rosy tried to reach him so many times. Rosy asks Kabeer which mobile network he has. Kabeer just smiles. Abha goes to kitchen and sees cake baking items and tells Myra it was very cheap act.

Myra sits in lawn thinking something and shivers. Kabeer comes and dorns shawl on her. She turns and says Kabeer. He comes near her and says if she is really beautiful or his eyes are visualizing her as beautiful. She leaves.

Precap: Police comes to arrest Myra on builder’s complaint. Sudha asks what is it. Kabeer says builder has filed defamation case on Myra. Police drags Myra with them.

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