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Bin Kuch Kahe 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nikhil gets shocked with Riya asks him to get home pregnancy kit. Riya asks him why is he shocked hearing about pregnancy. He says how can she be pregnant. She says her period was due last week and she is late. He says there must be some other reason. She says she needs kit to find out same. Nikhil says they consummated long ago. She says he cannot understand that. He goes down nervously. Sudha asks why he looks tensed, if Riya fought with him again. He says no. She asks then why he is tensed. He says he is anxious about wedding and leaves. He goes to pharmacy and asks pharmacy to give that kit. Pharmacist asks if he needs cover/con**m. He says no, after that. Pharmacist asks if he used protection or not. Nikhil nods no. Pharmacist says he understood and gives pregnancy kit.

Aryan questions Sandy where is he from in South. Sandy says Vellore. Aryan says when did he go there last. Sandy says 4 years. Aryan asks if he does not miss his family. Sandy says his family is in Brazil. Aryan asks who are in his family. Sandy says amma, appa, sister. Aryan continues questioning. Sandy asks why he s questioning so much, his mom also did not question so much when she hired him. Aryan murmurs if she had questioned, he would have not questioned so much. Sandy asks anything else. Aryan says that is all.

Nikhil rushes to Riya’s room. Sudha stops him and asks what is happening. Nikhil says nothing and silently walks into Riya’s room. Riya takes kit and rushes to washroom. Nikhil sits nervously. Abha returns home with Aryan. Aryan says he planned movie with her and Sandy. She asks why Sandy, they would have taken Myra and Riya. Aryan says they can take whole family and even neighbors. He walks into room and locks it. She knocks and asks to open door, se needs to use washroom urgently. He does not. She knocks Sudha’s room. Sudha says 5 minutes. Abha then goes to Riya’s room and sees him siting nervously, asks what happened. He says nothing. She asks where is Riya. He says in washroom. Riya comes out. Abha goes into washroom, comes out and leaves. Nikhil asks if she tested it. She says no as Abha knocked door.

Abha goes to Aryan’s room and pampers him. He says he wants to go to a movie with his friend and mamma. Abha asks who friend. Aryan says Sandy and asks if she will agree for movie or not. She agrees.

Riya drinks water and waits for nature call. She gets into washroom and comes out. Nikhil asks what. She says she is pregnant. He is shocked. She says don’t worry she will not blame her. Drama continues.


Bin Kuch Kahe 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abha scolds Nikhil why did he misbehave with Riya. Nikhil apologizes and says he will handle. Abha scolds he is insensitive, Riya is crying since so long.