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Bin Kuch Kahe 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Bin Kuch Kahe 15th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

Myra is busy in cafeteria and sees Riya just wandering around. She asks Riya to work and attend customers. Riya says she already told she will handle billing. Aryan comes and informs Myra that she got a call from Zee News about her job offer. Riya starts yelling she went to Delhi for this. Myra says she wanted to tell, but..Aryan says it is Myra’s dream job and she did not tell us seeing tension at home. Riya yells yes…all problems start because of her and Myra acts as angel. She leaves fuming. Abha asks Myra how did she get this offer. Myra says she just saw an opening and just applied cusually and got offer. Abha says even a child knows about her dream, why she is not realizing it. She should go and fulfill her dream.

Myra returns home with Abha and Aryan. Sudha asks why they look so silent, if something happened. Myra says workload increased in canteen…Sudha says no work related discussion at home and asks Aryan to go and change, she cooked something different for them today. While having dinner, Riya warns Myra to tell truth to mom, else she will tell. Sudha notices their nok jhok.

After dinner, Abha comes to Sudha. Sudha asks why Myra and Riya fighting. Abha says it is their usual nok jhok, she should not bother. Sudha says already there is so much tension. Abha says Abha is her good daughter, so she should let her free. Sudha asks her what she means. Abha leaves. Sudha sits confused.

Myra in her room talks to herself whether her Mumbai trip was successful, if she should take Zee News job. She thinks about Kabeer and thinks not to take his name, etc… Kabeer in Mumbai packs his clothes and sees Myra’s clothes. He packs even them smiling and leaves looking at the pillow Myra slept on. Myra sleeps reminiscing Kabeer.

In the morning, Riya receives Myra’s job offer letter and smirks. She hears Sudha asking maid if news paper came and silently keeps letter in news paper and runs up smirking. Sudha comes and picks news paper and finds letter. Riya goes to her room and laughs at Myra. Myra asks what did she do. Riya counts till 5. Sudha shouts at Myra to come down. Myra runs down. Sudha asks how could she do this, that is why she did not let her go to Mumbai. Abha comes and asks her to let Myra fulfill her dream. Riya says she was jealous of Myra as she is always praised, but even she wants Myra to fulfill her dreams. Abha says Sudha cannot take care of herself, so she does not want Myra to go. Sudha says she is colonel’s wife and cannot take care of herself and loves them all equally. She continues her emotional speech and leaves. Abha asks Myra to go and fulfill her dream.

Bin Kuch Kahe 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sudha shows Myra’s photo to marriage broker/news paper publisher and says she is her talented and beautiful daughter, what is his opinion.

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