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Bin Kuch Kahe 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nikhil collapses hearing Riya’s pregnancy news. Riya sprinkles water on him shouting she had to be more concerned than him. He wakes up and asks if she is sure about her pregnancy. She says yes and asks where is pregnancy kit. Nikhil says aunty had come calling her, he saw kit on bed and kept it under denim skirt, aunt took it for washing. Riya scolds him and they both rush down. Riya asks Sudha where is her skirt, she needs to wear it. Sudha says dirty clothes. After a bit of drama, Sudha says it is in bathroom. They both rush to bathroom and find kit in skirt and relax. They both travel towards doctor’s office and argument ensues. Nikhil says it is her problem and she should be more concerned. Riya asks her to get out of taxi and leaves alone.

Nikhil informs Akshay about Riya’s pregnancy. Akshay asks if he is sure child is his. Nikhil says of course and says he does not know what to do now. Akshay asks where is Riya now. Nikhil says he does not know, they argued and she went somewhere. Akshay asks how can he do this, Riya may do anything in tension, go and console her. Nikhil rushes out and sees Riya walking on street, getting into Kabeer’s car and leaving.

Kabeer takes Riya to nearby roadside tea shop and asks what why is she so tensed, if she fought with Nikhil. She says no. He asks if she fought with family. She says no and leans on his shoulder. He asks what happened then. She says she is pregnant. He asks if Nikhil knows about it. She says yes, but he told it is her problem. Kabeer says he is sure Nikhil told this in tension and is similarly concerned. He consoles her, drops her outside home and asks forget her tension and go in smiling, he will come later. He then calls Nikhil and says he wants to meet for 5 min at nearby tea stall. Akshay sees him leaving. Nikhil meets him and asks why did he call so urgently. Kabeer says if his and Riya’s act was mutual. Nikhil says yes, but why is he interfering. Kabeer says he feels like kicking him and then asks if he respects Riya. Nikhil says yes, he knows what all he did to get Riya. Kabeer says he needs to stand by Riya’s side and solve their problem maturely. Nikhil leaves.

Riya returns home. Sudha opens door and asks where was she till now. Riya says she is tired and will talk in the morning. Sudha continues. Abha says let her go and rest. Sudha says when will this girl become mature. Riya says she will act mature from hereon and cries hugging Sudha. Sudha consoles her and asks to go and rest. Nikhl comes next. Abha stops her and scolds what did he do that Riya is crying continuously. He says he wants to speak to Riya. Abha continues scolding him. Riya comes and asks not to scold Nikhil. Abha scolds they take each other side and when nobody scolds, they fight with each other, they need to mature. Abha leaves. Nikhil apologizes her and says it was even his mistake. She says he does not have to. He asks if she informed Nikhil. She says yes. He asks family. She says she looks immature, but not dumb. She asks if he wants to abort child. He stands nervously trying to say no.


Bin Kuch Kahe 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kabeer confronts Akshay that he is not like him, people trust him. Akshay taunts he..Kabeer says of course, that is why aunty trusts her and restricted Akshay. He then taunts if his would be wife informed that she is flying to Delhi.