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Bin Kuch Kahe 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kabeer tells Myra that she loves him. She says no and argues. She then realizes she is imagining him everyone. She calls Akshay and asks him to meet her outside home in 10 min. He waits for her. She reaches home running, short of breath. He asks where was the marathon. She says she is putting on weight, so she thought of jogging and came jogging home. They talk nervously. She realizes he wants to propose her and says let their parents chat and decide about their marriage. Akshay says okay and she walks in.

Dholia goes to Shekhawath’s office and scolds him that he did not promote project at all and just showed one interview, if he does not do his work, his news channel will be shut, he was boasting about his star news reporter Myra, where is she. Shekhawatth says she has gone select location for hoardings. Dholia warns him and leaves.

Myra tells Sudha that she wants to give her trouble. Sudha asks what she means. Myra says she has accepted Akshay’s marriage proposal. Sudha gets excited and asks how did Akshay propose her, if he knelt down, important is he proposed her. Myra says he did not propose, she herself understood and asks him to inform his parents. Sudha calls Abha and informs her that Myra accepted Akshay’s proposal. Abha says they will get them engaged in cafeteria. Sudha gets emotional Mr. Kohli would have been delighted if he was alive.

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Akshay informs his mother that he wants to marry Myra. Mother says Nikhil is already marrying Kohli girl and now even he wants to marry one more Kohli girl. She wanted at least one son marry girl of her choice from her community. Sudha enters and chats with her. She tells Sudha that she knew she did not want a neighbor bahu. Sudha says she should be happy that her bahus are neighbors. Mother confronts. Sudha tries to convince her. Father comes and says he wanted a daughter like Myra and walks out.

Abha’s employees ask when they have to vacate cafeteria. She says in a week and she will pay them 2 months’ salary. They say she can open cafeteria in another place. She says she does not have courage like her papa. Sandy enters says disappointment does not look good on her and says in 1 week she can do a lot of things, she can prepare new menu and party, etc. She says no. He says he will prepare mocktails in her cafeteria. She tells tomorrow it is her sister Myra’s engagement with Akshay. Sandy says Akshay is a fool and not fit for her sister. Abha asks what problem he has, why is he interfering in her family issues. He says he will lose his job in a week and has come for an interview in her cafeteria, he will handle mocktails and asks where he should start. She stands smiling.


Bin Kuch Kahe 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Abha sees Myra’s sad faces and senses she is not happy with Akshay’s proposal.

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