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Bin Kuch Kahe 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Riya asks Nikhil if he wants to abort their child. Nihil says no, he is just nervous, they will not abort their child. He just wants to keep it a secret until their marriage next month. She asks why so. He says she know how people badmouth, he does not want anyone to get a chance, so they will wait till marriage. He leaves. She nervously walks around house, calls him, but he is sound asleep. She yells and sleeps on sofa. In the morning, Sudha wakes her up and asks why is she sleeping here, I she slept here whole night. Riya sits silently. Sudha scolds how can she be so immature. Riya silently listens to her.

Sudha then goes to kitchen to prepare tea and calls bua and invites her or Myra and Riya’s wedding. Bua says she does not want to talk to her and disconnects call. Sudha calls back, but Bua does not pick. Myra comes and asks what is happening. Sudha says she invited bua for wedding, but she did not want to speak at all. Myra says she will go to Delhi and invite her personally. Sudha asks why. Myra says she needs to cover a story also and will convince Bua.

In cafeteria, Sandy serves customers and tells Abha that he has already made arrangements for lunch so that they can watch movie peacefully. Abha smiles. They both wait for Aryan. Aryan in his room watches computer and plans to hide in room and send Sandy and Abha alone for a movie. Sudha searches him to serve food. He hides.

Nikhil comes and asks Sudha where is Myra. Sudha says in her room. Nikhil rushes nervously. Sudha thinks what is happening between them. Nikhil goes to Riya’s room and finds her asleep. Akshay calls him out. Nikhil asks what is he doing here. Akshay says if he spoke to Kabeer last night. Nikhil says yes. Akshay yells why he takes Kabeer’s advice, he should bycott Kabeer. Sudha sees him. He says he has some important work with Nikhil, so he came here. Sudha walks down. Akshay continues he should not let Riya speak to Kabeer. Nikhil says how can he and walks away. Akshay then sees Kabeer going out and stops him. He warns Kabeer to stay away from Riya and Nikhil.. Kabeer taunts that Riya told him a big secret, should he inform Sudha. Akshay stops him. Kabeer says someone trusted him and he will not break trust, he is not like Akshay and so nobody trust Akshay. Akshay fumes. Kabeer further reveals that Myra is going to Delhi and did not even inform Akshay. Akshay angrily walks out.

Myra gets into auto to go to airport. Akshay stops her and asks why did not she inform him that she is going to Delhi. She says she was calling him and shows her phone call log. He says why did she inform Kabeer early and trust him like her family. Myra says he is not her friend Rosy whom she knew, he has changed. He says even she has changed. Myra fumes.


Bin Kuch Kahe 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudha asks Riya why she is looking so tired, if she did not sleep. Riya says she is feeling weak, runs to vomit. Sudha walks behind her. Abha realizes Riya is pregnant.