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Bin Kuch Kahe 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Bin Kuch Kahe 17th February 2017 video watch online on

Myra is in her local news channel office. Her boss Shekhawat checks his temperature and says his body says he has high temperature, but thermometer shows 96.5 Fahrenheit. Myra says he is fine. He says she is ready for serious journalism now and should go and cover story of a baba who blesses his disciples with slippers. Myra leaves. On the way, Abha calls and asks where is she. Myra says she will reach canteen in 15 min. They start talking about Myra’s stories and she tells about new story of chappal/slipper baba. Abha informs about municipality notice to vacate canteen in 2 months. Myra asks not worry. She sees Kabeer near a car and gets down from rickshaw to check, but sees no one around.

Myra’s bua/aunt reaches home and calls Nikki/Sudha, Myra, Riya, etc…and yells that they kept door opened and are same irresponsible like before, her brother tired to teach them discipline, but they did not, good he passed away before seeing all this. Sudha comes and greets her. Bua scolds her and then blesses. Bua tells her about alliance for Myra. Sudha says she has let her children take their own decision and Myra has to build up her career first. Bua says she knows what happened with Abha and Riya and should not take a chance. Sudha says she cannot do anything. Bua says she will speak to Myra herself.

Myra reaches canteen and checks municipality notice and tells Abha that she has saved money, not to worry. Abha says they need Nikhil’s help as canteen is not working well. Myra asks where is Riya, customers are waiting for her song. Riya comes and says she likes her fans waiting for her and starts singing song. Nikhil comes with a girl and occupies table holding her hand. Riya gets disheartened seeing this. Myra and Riya also notice. Myra greets Nikhil and takes his order. Nikhil goes to Myra and she asks if this girl is final. Nikhil says yes after 3 months of mom’s pestering, she found a compatible girl for him. He asks if they are okay that he brought his fiance here. Myra says yes and says Abha wants to talk to him. He says he will call her tomorrow, smiles at Riya and goes back to table.

Back home during dinner, Bua informs Myra about alliance. Myra says she is not yet ready for marriage and leaves to her room. Even Abha and Riya ask not to pester Myra much. Aryan goes to Myra’s room and tells her penguin story and as a moral says she should marry someone she loves.

Kabeer reaches hotel and speaks to someone that he reached Jaipur and has not met someone yet.

Bua tries to speak to Abha about Myra’s alliance. Abha asks her to let Myra decide her life. She goes to Riya and Riya says same. She pesters Sudha again and then Aryan. Aryan says she can take all his games, but not pester Myra. Bua yells. Myra reaches office and colleague says a lady is ripping off Shekawat. Myra sees bua scolding Shekawat for not letting Myra go. Myra reaches home and tells Riya that aunty came to her office and took her boss’s class.

Bin Kuch Kahe 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Riya tells Sudha that she made a gentleman in restaurant. Sudha asks what is his name. Riya says Kabeer Miranda. Sudha asks if she likes him. Riya says she does not know. Myra says hears their conversation.

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