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Bin Kuch Kahe 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sudha asks Abha if he is same, pointing at Sandy. Sandy says he is the same she was scolding just now. She yells he is so shameless that he came back after spoiling their happiness. He serves her mocktail and says he will serve same during Myra’s engagement. Sudha says he must have mixed something and asks Abha how can she trust him. Abha says he will not harm them as he got what he wanted. Sudha says again how can she be so shameless. He says he is since childhood.

Engagement ceremony starts. Kohli family enters. Sandy greets them and says they are all looking beautiful. He tells Abha to smile as she does not look beautiful when she is sad. Nikhil’s family enters next. Everyone greet them. Riya takes Nikhil aside and yells he should have come early helped Abha in arrangements, but he came late. Nikhil says he and Abha decorated cafeteria and he went home then and came with family.

Party continues. Shekhawath enters and as usual flirts with Sudha. Sandy serves mocktails. Aryan chats with him and says he knows him, he gave book to mamma. Sandy says he gave it as she owns cafeteria. Aryan says they will lose cafeteria. Sandy says he hopes he could save it. Aryan says he likes his honesty. Shekhawath flirts with Sudha again and says he is losing most talented journalist Myra. Akshay hears that and asks Myra if she is sad that she quit journalism. Myra says she resigned Shekhawath’s job, but not journalism.

Sandy calls Kabeer, but he does not pick call. Sandy gets busy in serving mocktails. Kabeer calls back and Aryan notices Kabeer’s name. Kabeer calls back again, Sandy picks and asks to come soon, else he will miss something. Aryan asks whose call it was. Sandy says Kabeer. Aryan says why did Kabeer leave without informing. Sandy says he had some work, so he could not inform Kohli family. Aryan asks why Kabeer did not bother about his image and left. Sandy looks silently.

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Riya fights with Nikhil again that she should be his priority now and not his mother or family. He asks her to calm down. She continues. He says today is mom’s birthday and she should arrange party to surprise mom. She says she does not want to. They hear Akshay and Myra celebrating mom’s birthday. Akshay says mom that he did not inform Myra about her birthday, she must have hear while they were planning surprise party and made these arrangements. Mom gets happy and Riya feels jealous. Abha then asks to start engagement ceremony. Akshay kneels down and proposes Myra. Myra looks sad.


Bin Kuch Kahe 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Myra and Akshay exchange rings. Everyone clap for them. Kabeer watches silently. Myra notices him.

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