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Bin Kuch Kahe 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Akshay asks Myra if she really thinks they are not friends now. She says she did not mean that and explains. He says why she informed Kabeer about her Delhi trip before him. She says he is again competing with Kabeer. Kabeer is their tenant and stays in their house, mamma and Abha feel comfortable with him, he is Riya’s friend and even she feels comfortable, he is more mature. Akshay asks what about him. Myra asks not to start again and says she is going to Delhi on a business trip and will also meet and convince bua to attend their wedding.

Riya opens door and sees Nikhil in front of her. Nikhil apologizes her and says she knows he ets sleep in tension. She says he had collapsed yesterday. Nikhil says they will do whatever she decides, they can inform that they are expecting a baby, get married immediately, or whatever she says. She happily pampers him and says she has a different feeling with pregnancy and wants to be a best mother for her baby. Sudha enters. They both get tensed. Sudha asks what is happening. Nikhil says nothing and nervously leaves.

Aryan gets high fever. Sudha applies cold cloth on his forehead and says she will inform Abha. Aryan stops her and says he had challenged his friends that he will watch movie before them and they are going tomorrow, so he wants mamma to watch movie and tell him story. Sudha asks how can Abha go alone. Aryan says they can send mamma’s assistant along. Sudha says that south Indian. Aryan insists. Sudha calls Abha and asks her to go for a movie with Sandy. Abha says why will she go with her assistant and disconnects. Sandy asks her why did she lie. She says she has to lie her family. They both return to cafeteria praising movie. Sandy says after a long time, he saw a good movie. He gives her popcorn money. She says he paid for movie, so she cannot take it. He says they watched movie for free as he sold Aryan’s ticket for double price. Abha praises that he is very intelligent.

Abha sees Riya weak and asks if she is fine. She says usual weakness and runs to washroom to vomit. Sudha follows her and asks if she is fine. Riya says she ate pani puri otside and got food poison, she is fine. Sudha asks if she is sure it is nothing else. Riya says yes and walks out silently.

Akshay asks Nikil if he warned Riya not to mingle with Kabeer. Nikhil says no, he did not feel right in this situation. Akshay argues and taunts that he became father before marriage. Nikhil warns that he is his elder brother and to behave with him, orders to get out of room now. Akshay fumes in anger.


Bin Kuch Kahe 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nikhil’s mom tells Riya that she wanted a daughter like her, independent thinking, modern with whom she can share everything. She sees Riya sad and asks if she is not happy with this marriage. Riya says she is pregnant. Mom is shocked.

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