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Bin Kuch Kahe 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abha asks Myra why she seems irritated often and blame others. Myra says Kabeer always troubles her. Abha asks why she pays heed to Kabeer’s words. Sandy joins them and asks whats up ladies. Myra asks what is his plan. Sandy says since Abha agreed for marriage, he is thinking of going on an outing, let us call even the girl Kabeer wanted them to meet, what is her name. Myra says Neha and leaves saying she will not come as she is having headache. Abha asks Sandy why is he troubling Myra. Sandy says Myra is troubling Kabeer instead. Abh asks him not to worry, she will speak to her and convince her for outing.

Arya walks with Kabeer to dining table for dinner and tells him that monkeys in Japan steal people’s wallet, get coins and put them in snack machine to get snacks. Kabeer acts surprised. Aryan says monkeys in India are so dumb, they eat only chana. Myra joins them. Power goes off. Kabeer says fuse must have gone. Aryan requests him to fix it. Myra drops Aryan to his room and goes to fuse room to help Kabeer. Kabeer fixes fuse and wire strand pierces his finger injuring it. Power comes back. Myra gets worried seeing his injury and nurses it. He asks her to get water. She gets water and asks if he needs anything. He smiles. She is worried about him. He asks why. She gets anxious. Sudha calls her and she leaves. She goes to kitchen and imagines Kabeer there. A romantic ghazal Maana ke hum yaad nahi…plays in the background. She imagines him around in her room and hugging her from behind. She smiles and then realizes it is her imagination.

Next morning, Sudha and Mandy count guest list and gift ideas for Abha’s engagement. Abha comes and after hearing them says they can have simple family get together and not waste money. Rukku enters and backs Abha and says Sudha that Punjabis do lots of showoff. Mandy says good both samdhis understand each other.

Myra gets ready in a red dress and tries to zip her back. Kabeer enters and helps help. She thinks she is imagining him again, but then realizes he is for real and scolds why did he enter without asking her. He says he knocked door and even called her before entering. She acts as fuming.

Sandy and Aryan return from engagement shopping and smile. Sudha and Mandy ask what did they shop. Aryan says they shopped same dresses and shows them. Mandy says it is perfect. Sandy says he and his son are perfect.

Sudha cleans house and feels dizzy. Myra sees her and holds her on time. Kabeer also joins and asks if she is fine. Sudha says just a simple dizziness. Myra calls doc. Sudha says she is fine and not to call doc.

Sandy says Abha I love you in Tamil and taunts her. She gets irked, but seeing translation smiles.


Bin Kuch Kahe 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kabeer sees Myra sleeping on sofa, lifts her and takes her room. Ha seekha maine jeena mere hamdam…song plays in the background. Mandy and Sudha get happy seeing that.