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Bin Kuch Kahe 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Myra goes to Abha’s cafeteria with frowning face. Abha asks reason. Myra says Akshay is pestering a lot and he has changed. Abha says it happens between couples. Myra says he was commenting on her clothes and asked not to wear them, if she can adjust he has also to adjust. She continues. Abha asks her to relax and goes to prepare coffee.

Kabeer is in kitchen preparing coffee when Nikhil comes. Kabeer asks if he wants coffee. Nikhil says let us have party tonight with booze. Kabeer says sounds good, send venue address, he will reach in the evening. Nikhil leaves smirking and thinking he will get Kabeer inebriated and know what his motto.

Myra returns home and hears Sudha and Nikhil/Akshay’s mom’s conversation planning her and Akshay’s marriage before Akshay’s leaves finish. She gets tensed. Nikhil’s mom asks her to join them. She says she will finish some work and join them. She walks towards her room tensely when Kabeer going for a party with Nikhil stops her and starts his usual romantic discussion, he says he is going for a boy’s party. She asks if there is something like that. Kabeer says obviously yes, he will give her report tomorrow.

Kabeer meets Nikhil at a restaurant. Nikhil asks which drink he wants to have. Kabeer says so early and says single malt whiskey. Nikhil nervously says he will have beer, then says whiskey. Kabeer orders whiskey without water. Nikhil orders same. Kabeeer finishes his glass and Nikhil to finish his glass. Nikhil gulps whiskey in 1 go. Kabeer serves him whiskey and gets him heavily inebriated. He starts grilling Nikhil instead and asks if Akshay really loves Myra. Nikhil says he likes, but love he cannot say, he just wants a trophy wife, beautiful and successful, but he feels Myra is different. Kabeer continues grilling him.

Riya calls Nikhil and gets worried for him. Kabeer brings inebriated Nikhil home. Nikhil picks Riya’s call and shouts that he is not her puppet and is the man of the house, he shouts to come down. She comes down with Myra and sees him inebriated. Myra yells at Kabeer that he spoilt innocent Nikhil. Nikhil continues misbehaving. Riya says he is not a kid that someone will get him inebriated and asks Kabeer to drop him home. Kabeer takes him to his home and taunts Akshay to think of a better idea next time.

Bin Kuch Kahe 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Nikhil asks Myra if Riya does not get inebriated, says it was Nikhil’s idea to get Kabeer inebriated and get his secret out but now blaming him. Myra is shocked.