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Bin Kuch Kahe 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Nikhil speaks to his friend’s brother and tells Myra that Riya is not at Skylaunch. He drops her back home and tells she should inform Abha. Myra walks in and thinks she cannot inform Abha. She calls Shekhawath and asks in which hotel Kabeer is staying. He tells name and scolds that she shocked him at midnight. Myra goes out and tells Nikhil that they need to go to this hotel. He asks what is the issue, if Riya is alright, she is also his responsibility. Myra says she can understand what he means, but she cannot tell him right now. They both leave for hotel.

Myra reaches hotel and asks Nikhil to stay out. She goes in and asks receptionist about Kabeer’s room number. Receptionist informs and calls Kabeer, but he does not reply. She says Kabeer is asleep and they cannot disturb him now. Myra herself goes up searching room and knocks door. Kabeer opens door yawning and asks what happened. She asks where is Riya and searches her all around. She then calls Riya and asks where is she. Riya says she is at home and scolds why did she call Pooja, stop being authoritive, she is high now and will talk to her in the morning.

Nikhil goes in and asks receptionist whose room a girl was asking about. Receptionist says Kabeer Miranda. He asks what in a shock. She repeats. He walks towards door when his college friend with a girl stops him and says are meeting after a long time. Nikhil says yes. Friend says he heard even he is marrying. Nikhil says not so soon and asks if the girl is his girlfriend. He says he just found her in a bar and will spend a night with her. Nikhil gets disheartened thinking Riya is doing same with Kabeer and leaves.

Kabeer stops Myra and says she cannot barge into his room like this searching Riya, she has to clear this issue first. She says she knows he gets drunk girls to his room and sleeps with her like he did to her. He says she means he takes advantage, he raped her. She says she did not say that, even she is at fault. He tries to explain that he did not do anything, but she interferes and says no need for explanation. She warns him to stop fooling Riya, Riya is confused now and may do mistake, leaves. Kabeer realizes she has misunderstood and left hotel room without informing her.

Myra reaches home and sees Abha sleeping on sofa, wakes her up and asks why is she sleeping here. Abha says Riya woke her up. She goes to her room, sees Riya sound asleep, and sleeps on her bed. She reminisces what she told Kabeer and feels she should not have told that. In the morning, Riya wakes her up and shouts why she is interfering in her life. Sudha comes and says Riya that she was smelling full of alcohol. Riya asks if she was awake. Sudha says yes. Once she leaves, Myra asks where did she go. Riya says Skylaunch to meet JMM music label boss and she met even some artists. Myra asks if Kabeer was also present. Riya says why will he.

Bin Kuch Kahe 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Kabeer gives Myra 2 files to transcribe and says one is personal and one is professional, once she is done they wil go for coffee, if she does not like then he will come in front of her to get his teeth broken by her.

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