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Bin Kuch Kahe 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nikhils orders Akshay to get out of his room and keep door open. Akshay angrily opens door. Mom enters with coffee and gets suspicious. Riya is at Abha’s restaurant with Aryan. Aryan asks Sandy to tell film story to Abha. Abha says no ways, she does not want to get bored. Aryan plays quiz. Riya answers it right. Nikhil’s mom calls her and asks to come and help her selecting jewelry. Riya meets her. Mom says she wants her to select jewelry as she cannot trust her sons. Riya says don’t worry, she will help her.. Mom pampers her that she needed a daughter like her. Riya says she will her daughter after marriage, the both will rock. Mom asks why she is looking tensed. Riya reveals that she is pregnant. Mom says it is a good news, she is happy for her and baby, anyways she and Nikhil are marrying in 1 month. She asks to go and inform her family and inform their reaction. Riya walks out. Nikhil returns and asks what is she doing here. Riya tells she informed mom about her pregnancy and mom seemed very happy. Nikhil panics and says he feels something is wrong. Riya says it is saas-bahu bonding. Nikhil says he will accompany her home. Riya says she will manage.

Riya returns home. Sudha asks what did she do. Riya asks what. Sudha says Nikhil’s mom had come and told Riya is pregnant. She told she will not get her son married to a girl who is already pregnant and they should check who baby’s father is first. Sudha breaks down and says she has ruined their self-respect, should have at least thought of her papa before doing this. She warned her repeatedly not to trust Nikhil, he will hide behind mom’s pallu. She ruined her life and what will they tell people. Abha says they are going through difficult times and should be courageous. She consoles Riya.

Nikhil confronts his mother how can she do that. Mom says she will not let that cheap girl become her bahu, don’t know whose child it is. Nikhil says it is his child. She says she does not know all that, she will not accept Riya as bahu. Riya comes there and knocks door. Mom warns Nikhil not to open door, else get out with Riya. Nikhil cowardly stops. Mom opens door and Riya asks to send Nikhil out. Mom says he will not come. Riya says he is equally responsible for her condition and cannot hide behind.

Riya returns home. Sudha asks why did she go there to insult herself. She has ruined family’s name. Riya goes to her room and angrily breaks glasses. Aryan comes home and shows his competition trophy to Abha and asks where ae other, if something happened. Abha says Riya maasi is a bit unwell. She goes to Riya’s room and sees glass pieces all round, scolds what if she hurt herself. Riya says her life is shattered like this glass. Family drama continues.


Bin Kuch Kahe 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nikhil says Akshay he will realize how difficult it is to chose between mom and love. Akshay says how can he be so cheap he should go out of Jaipur for some time. Nikhil says he will not go anywhere. Sudha says Riya she is sending her out of Jaipur for sometime. Riya says she will not go. Sudha insists she has to.

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