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Bin Kuch Kahe 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Bin Kuch Kahe 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Bin Kuch Kahe you will watch Kabeer tells Myra that with time and age, abilities also increase and intelligence. Myra yells that they end up in someone’s bed. Aryan comes and hears their conversation. Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

Kabeer and Myra’s debate regarding arranged vs love marriage continues. Argument turns personal. Myra says she ended sleeping with a stranger. Aryan comes and they stop. He asks why are they fighting. Kabeer says when 2 elders argue over some issue, it is called debate. Aryan says they should seek second opinion. Kabeer says that is what he was telling, to take Aryan’s opinion about marriage. Aryan says when both parents stay together, it is called marriage. He gets thinking about his parents and leaves. Kabeer starts searching him and goes to Sudha’s room. Sudha says she cannot give more pravachan. Kabeer says he is searching Aryan. Sudha laughs and says he wants Aryan’s opinion now. Kabeer then sees Riya and asks if she saw Aryan. She says he must be in her room.

He goes to Riya’s room and does not find him. He searches whole house and finds him in living area watching TV. He sits with him and tells his childhood was very stressful, his parents used to fight each day and he used to consider his nanny and driver as parents. He continues telling about his childhood pain. Aryan silently listens to him.

Aryan goes to kitchen and sees Abha preparing dinner. He asks if dinner is ready. She says in a minute and asks to get water from fridge. He opens fridge and gets happy seeing ice cream, asks how does she know he is craving for ice cream. She keeps his hand on her chest and says she can sense his heart beat. He says she is too melodramatic. She asks to go and sit on dining table.

Aryun joins Myra and Kabeer for dinner. Myra and Kabeer’s argument continues. Aryan asks what happened to their debate. Kabeer looking at Myra says he got headache and it is increasing. Aryan forces Kabeer to do yogasanas head side down. Kabeer says he cannot tolerate more and runs to his room. Myra smirks thinking he called her headache, now he got one.

Myra enjoys ice cream with Abha and asks how does she know Aryan wanted it. Abha says mother knows child better. Their discussion changes to Sudha and how Sudha used to eat their ice cream and blame it on Nikhil’s cat. Kabeer comes and asks if he can join them. Myra says no. Abha says he can. Kabeer tells he and Myra were discussing about arranged and love marriage, he feels it it is the connection which is more important with which they continue for whole long. Myra misbehaves with him and he leaves. Abha scolds Myra what was that, she cannot misbehave like that.

Bin Kuch Kahe 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Myra asks Abha if a person gets into a shell after a bad experience. Abha says it depends if someone pulls him/her out. Myra says what if he is dragged in repeatedly. Abha asks whom she is talking about

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