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Bin Kuch Kahe 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Nikhil brings his fiancee Sarika to Kohli house. Sudha, Abha, and Riya greet them and introduce themselves. Aryan comes and even he introduces himself. Riya fumes seeing them and asks Sudha why did she call them here. Sudha says Nikhil is like her son and inviting his fiance is obvious. Kabeer asks her show her braveness. Sarika impresses everyone with her care for Nilkil and common sense. Riya fumes more and goes to get tea. Sarika accompanies her and says she is brave to tolerate her ex’s fiance. If she was in her place, she would not have tolerated it. Riya takes tea. Sarika taunts that Riya touched hot tea. Discussion continues. Sarika says she will not do anything which will make Nikhil sad and will let him eat as much pakodas as he wants. Riya angrily murmurs he will burst. Sarika says golden heart is important than body. Everyone act as more impressed. Riya gets more jealous. Sudha asks Riya to give her purple suit to Sarika. Riya resists. Abha joins and says if does not give, it will prove she is jealous of Saria. Riya gives suit.

After sometime, Riya sits angrily with family. Kabeeer joins and asks Abha what happened. She says Sarika and Nikhill…and it is his turn now. Kabeer comments that Sarika is so perfect for Nikhil and will keep him happy. Riya gets more jealous.

After sometime, Kabeer asks Myra what is the next plan to reunite Nikhil and Riya. She says she will not and comments that smart people work smartly and dumb ones hard work. Kabeer asks if she means he is dumb. She says she did not mean and leaves smiling sarcastically. Kabeer knocks Abha’s room door and asks her if she know what is Myra’s plan o reunite Nikhil and Riya. Abha says even she does not know, Myra keeps it to herself. She asks if they argued again. Kabeer says not sort of and asks what is Myra up to actually. Abha says clueless.

Precap: Myra tells Nikhil that he loves Riya, then why did not he express. He says he told by mistake. Myra, Nikhil, and Sarika meet at Abha’s restaurant. Riya joins them.

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