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Bin Kuch Kahe 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

At night, Myra goes down to drink water and sees Riya munching food sitting on dining chair. She picks water and asks Riya if she is fine. Riya says she is angry, why mamma invited Nikhil and his fiance. Her fiance was so overacting. Mama gave my suit to Sarika as if she is mamma’s daughter. She came to kitchen and was acting if I was not embarrassed, etc.. Riya smirks and says she did not think Sarika was too creepy. Riya continues venting her anger out. Myra then goes out and meets Nikhil. She insists to act as romancing his fiance. Nikhil says no way, he did not romance Riya, then ho will his fiance. Myra does emotional atyachaar. He agrees. Kabeer notices everything silently.

In the morning during breakfast, Sudha asks if desi Madonna/Riya had dinner. Myra says she ate at night and has gone a bit creepy. Sudha and Abha say yes. Abha packs Aryan’s lunch box and he says he needs new one. She says she will get one tonight. He gets angry and says he does not want to have breakfast. She calms him and says she will get him his favorite tiffin box. He leaves. Once everyone Myra leaves for work, Kabeer asks Abha if Riya was creepy from before, he is afraid of talking to her. Abha says they call her kukdi as she gets hold of simple issues and does not take for months. He says now he is clear. He then asks about Aryan, if she does not think he had a fight with someone. Abha says no, Aryan never fights and he is very good.

Riya comes next and asks Abha to get breakfast for her as she is hungry. Abha asks to make herself as she needs to go urgently. After breakfast, Kabeer asks her why she is so jealous of Sarika and tells she needs to prove that she is beautiful than Sarika and is a beauty queen. Riya says yes. She tries lots of dresses. Suno Ayesha…song plays in the background. Kabeer clicks pics in each dress and rejects each one. Finally she selects one black dress.

In the afternoon, Myra takes Nikhil and Sarika to Abha’s restaurant. Riya reaches there. Nikhil gets mesmerized with her beauty, but controls his feelings. Myra notices it.

Precap: Sarika asks Kabeer if she knows Riya since years. Kabeer says some people even after staying for years, don’t connect and some connect within days. Nikhil kisses Sarika’s hand. Kabeer tells Riya he wants to kiss her hand, but she will get dirty. Nikhil asks if he does not wash face.


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