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Bin Kuch Kahe 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra tells Sudha that there should not be any misunderstanding and cafeteria lease should be in all 3 sisters’ name. Sudha asks Riya what did Kabeer tell her and what did she tell Nikhil. Riya asks what, she does not know what Nikhil Akshay, she just told Nikhil that Kabeer is right and was trying to explain that post-marriage her and Myra’s husbands may want share in cafeteria, he was right. It is a simple misunderstanding. Abha comes and asks what is another misunderstanding now. Riya tells when she she fought with her about inclusion of her name in cafeteria lease and continuing to shout, Kabeer came and spoke to her. She tells whole incident. Abha says even she thought about it, but what happens once Riya and Myra get married and if their husbands claim share, what will she and mamma do, cafeteria is only their source of income. Sudha says they did not realize how sensitive Abha is, but Kabeer did and helped them. Akshay gets jealous and walks away saying he has some work with mamma.

Myra stops Akshay and warns him not to involve everyone unnecessarily if his false ego is hurt. He says what. She says if he has problem with Kabeer, he should speak to him directly instead of dragging everyone and troubling them. Akshay reaches home and yells against Kabeer in front of Nikhil and asks him to befriend Kabeer and find out what is motto it. Nikhil why are they paying so much attention to Kabeer.

Abha and Kabeer sip coffee sitting in dining area. Kabeer asks when is her new employee joining. Abha says tomorrow, he wanted to join today, but she asked him to relax. Kabeer says Sandy is intelligent and will help her increase he café’s profits and fame. Abha says then she hired a right person. They continue chatting. Sudha comes and says Abha she needs to talk and takes her in.

Myra comes next and asks Kabeer why did he interfere in her family issues. He says because he loves her and is the right partner for her. She continues arguing nervously with him and he smiles at her and replies/taunts.

Next morning, Sudha stops Kabeer when he is going for work and says she needs to talk. He asks regarding? She says she is worried about Abha. He suggests her to stop controlling Abha’s life, Abha faced a failed marriage, that does not mean she should not get a next chance. He continues explaining. Sudha realizes her mistake.

Sandy does pooja in cafeteria and waits for Abha. Abha comes and he greets her. She asks from where pleasant smell coming from. He shows agarbatis. She asks if he is religious. He says and says he has penned down some suggestions with which their cafeteria’s profits will increase. He explains. She objects regarding 1 suggestion. He argues. She reminds him that she is the boss.

Precap: Kabeer calls Myra and says he ordered something for her and she will gets its deliver in office. Nikhil brings flowers and gifts and says I love you Myra.

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