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Bin Kuch Kahe 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sudha tells Nikhil that she cannot her daughter with a man who cannot support or even stand with her for a second. Myra tries to speak. Sudha says let her speak and says Nikhil is unfit for any woman and if he had a sister, he would have know her pain. He says he left home forever. Riya gets happy. Sudha says let us sit and talk, she does not want any problems from him and his family. He will speak only as Nikhil now and not her old friend and neighbor’s son, Nikhil who has come to ask her daughter’s hand. Nikhil says yes. Sudha asks Abha to take Myra and Riya up and asks Nikhil to sit. Riya says she cannot believe Nikhil left home for her, hope mamma does not question him much. Abha says whatever Nikhil did is for her and her baby, have faith. Sudha asks Nikhil when will he marry Riya.

He says whenever she says. She says he left home, where will he stay, he is becoming father and has to be very careful. She asks where he will stay. He sits confused. She says she knew, so she asked him these questions, she knew packed his bag and came out of house in excitement. He should stop watching movies, love is not everything, he has to be practical. Nikhil says he will figure out. Sudha says how can she get her daughter married to a man who is unsure about his future. She is not saying money is everything, it is very much necessary. When real life starts, love will fly in frustration. He says yes. She asks if he wants to have coffee.

Sudha then asks him to be practical and return only after he gets a job and a house. He says okay and asks if he can meet Riya. She seriously says, but he has to drink coffee first. He relaxes and smiles. Sudha then calls Riya down. Nikhil asks her to give him some time, he will sort out things. Sudha asks him not to give false how. Nikhil says he needs 48 hours, he will return and prove that he is perfect for Riya.

Aryan returns home and happily hugs Nikhil seeing him. Nikhil asks how is he. Aryan says he is fine and asks why is he not coming home now a days, Riya maasi is very sad. Nikhil asks him to tell Riya maasi not to get sad, even he gets sad if she is sad. He leaves.

Riya gets tea and biscuits for Sudha. Sudha hugs her emotionally. Riya apologizes. Sudha says she behaved rudely with Nikhil, but she had to explain him responsibility. Riya asks to forgive her. Sudha says a mother forgives children always whatever it happens. Emotional bonding continues.

Abha at cafeteria scolds Rajesh to finish customer orders soon. Sandy asks if she is fine. She says yes, she is relieved now, but has to support her family. Sandy thinks even he wants to be with her and support her, when will she realize that.

Aryan goes to Riya and says Nikhil sent her a message not to be sad, else he will be sad. Riya asks if he said anything else. He says no, he does not know what is the problem, but if she handles it with smile, problem will vanish. Riya says okay my Einstein.

Nikhil meets Kabeer and informs his problem, nervously walks saying he told 48 hours, how will he manage. Kabeer asks him to relax, where there is a way, there is a will. Akshay comes there and yells at Nikhil that he is stuffing samosas here and he and mom are starving worried for him. Kabeer offers him samosa. He throws samosa and yells at Kabeer. Kabeer taunts. Nikhil confronts Akshay and warns not to misbehave with his friend and get out, he is not an egoistic plotter like him.


Bin Kuch Kahe 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nikhil tells Myra that Kabeer helped him and suggested to take a stand for Riya, if Kabeer had not explained, he would not have realized his love for Riya.