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Bin Kuch Kahe 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kohli sisters enjoy juice and pakoras. Myra says Riya that Nikhil is a nice choice for her. Riya says he is. She munches lots of pakoras. Myra says she will get fat. Riya says she is eating for her and her baby and Nikhil won’t mind. Their chatting continues. Myra goes out to lawn in search of Kabeer. Kabeer comes. She says she was searching for him. He excitedly says what a surprise. She asks if he nows where Nikhil is. He says no. She asks to stop joking. He sees a hair strand on her face and clears it and starts staring at her face. She asks to stop it and says they cleared it already, they are just friends. Kabeer says friendship is very necessary in marriage and it is good for their future healthy marriage. She asks to stop him. He shows their flight tickets and says he is still hopeful. She says let us go to meet Nikhil. They both leave.

At cafeteria, Riya sings a song and entertains customers and then tells Abha that she is feeling weak and will go home. Abha asks her to have something and then rest. Riya greets Sandy and leaves. Abha checks accounts and tells Sandy she is thinking of increasing his salary as profits increased after he joined her. He says she is good in hospitality, but weak in business. She says really. He says yes. She says he thinks a vegan brain is more sharp. He asks where it is written that butter chicken are more intelligent, it is as if he does not have protein in his body. She asks if he really did not each nonveg. He says no. She asks what about his family. He says no. She asks what if he goes abroad. He says how intelligent she is, does she now where he is from. She asks what if he marries a nonvegeterian. He says then they will fight each day and whoever will win decides what to prepare. Their jokes continue.

Myra goes to meet Nikhil and says she is happy that he took Riya’s side. He says he had to. Kabeer enters. Nikhil says Kabeer helped him a lot and encouraged to take a stance for himself and Riya. Myra’s heart softens for Kabeer. Their chatting continues.

Back at home, Sudha checks her FDs to use for Riya’s wedding. Myra says not to do worry, she and Abha will manage. Sudha says she will go and prepare panjeri for Riya. Abha joins her. Akhay calls Myra. Myra calls him by name. He asks she forgot Rosy. She says her friend is lost. He yells Kabeer has brainwashed her and even Nikhil. She gets irritated. He continues and says she is acting as if he made her pregnant like Nikhil did to Riya. She feel s disgusting and disconnects call. She then goes down. Kabeer joins Sudh and Abha and insists to prepare panjeri. He starts preparing and says it is not Indian but international dish and he used to love a lot and eat daily when his mother used to prepare for him. Sudha and others just look at his emotional side.


Bin Kuch Kahe 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Akshay’s mom tells him that she will break his and Myra’s alliance. Akshay warns if she does that, she will lose her another son. Kabeer tells Myra that her eyes are like her mother’s eyes, he is trying to convince her so hard, but she is still adamant.