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Bin Kuch Kahe 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Kabeer prepares Panjiri/traditional snack and asks Sudha if Riya will have it. Sudha says she will have anything if given in the name of baby. Nikhil’s mom rings door bell and Sudha opens it. Mom yells where is her son. Sudha says who is she, she does not know her or her son. Mom yells she cannot do this to her friend. Sudha says they were never friend as friends stand for each other, but she pushed her into trouble. Mom continue yelling and Sudha confronts her nicely. Mom warns that her another daughter is engaged to her son and leaves.

Myra comes to Kabeer’s room with panjiri praises his culinary skills, asks to teach her. He says it is his secret. She asks who taught him. He says mamma and she asks to tell about his family. He says his mom was a Brazilian and married his Pujabi father when he was struggling she adopted his culture and even did not leave her culture, she was a power house. Myra says he is a mamma’s boy then. He says like she is mamma’s girl. She says no, she sometimes even becomes her mamma’s mamma. He says he has seen her scolding everyone and then says she has his mamma’s qualities, so he loves her. She says not again and tries to leave. He stops her and says even her eyes are like his mamma’s, only one quality is missing, his mamma left everything for her love, but Myra is still thinking.

At Abha’s cafeteria, Sandy teaches preparing cocktails to Riya. Abha comes and scolds him that Riya is pregnant and cannot have alcohol, he is feeding her alcohol. Sandy says he is just teaching her. Abha continues. Riya says it is just a water and in fact Sandy gave her decaffeinated coffee. Abha says they don’t have decaffeinated coffee here. Riya says he brought and kept it for her. Abha apologizes Sandy and leaves. Sandy says he never got scolded in life like this. They both joke.

Akshay’s mom tells him that she wants to break his and Myra’s alliance. Akshay says if she does that, she will lose her another son.

Myra goes to Shekhawat’s cabin and requests him to give her bonus and increase salary. He says he cannot as he already increased 10% some time ago. Myra says then she will think of finding another job and walks out of cabin. She sees Kabeer and asks he is even here. He asks not to give so much importance to herself and says he came here to meet Shekhawat. He enters Shekhawat’s office who greets him and asks to says, he cannot understand Myra, she is asking for increment and bonus, he cannot give. Kabeer says he should not lose star reporter. Shekhawat even then he cannot increase her salary. Kabeer says some things are more than professionalism, Sudha must be needing his help and it is his duty to help her. Shekhawat says he is right and thinks that is the magic of successful journalist.

Kabeer reaches Abha’s cafeteria and listens to Riya’s performance. After performance, he insists Riya for a walk. She says she is tired. He insists. Sandy hears them and says she has to go and her boss is permitting. Kabeer says let Riya’s size increase. Riya says she wants to be a fit mom. Abha comes and Riya says her boss permitted him for a walk. Abha says then she can go and smiles at Sandy.


Bin Kuch Kahe 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sandy tells Abha that he is not part of her family, but his friend, so she can trust him, he wants to become her special friend.

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