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Bin Kuch Kahe 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Abha and Sandy are engrasped in each other’s eyes when Myra calls Abha and informs that Sudha fainted at home trying to clean house alone. Abha says she is coming right now, informs Sandy and they both leave canteen. Doctor checks Sudha and she needs to do mild exercise like walking and follow strict diet. Once he leaves, Sudha says doctor is jut overexerting issue. Myra says she will not get out of bed. Sudha says she has to take care of Abha and Sandy’s engagement arrangements. Myra says she will take care of it. Sudha says she cannot send her alone. Kabeer says he will accompany Myra. Abha and Sandy say even they will. Kabeer says Mr. and Mrs. Iyer are their esteemed clients, allow them to serve them. Abha and Sandy joke, bend and say at once as they wish.

After sometime, Mandy enters Sudha’s room and shows her concern. Sudha says she is fine and was just acting so that Myra and Kabeer can come closer. Mandy praises her that is why intelligent Colonel Kohli married her. Sudha says she is overpraising her.

Kabeer makes dishes list for Abha and Sandy’s engagement and tells Myra that they will keep Punjubi and South India dishes fusion. Myra takes laptop and says she will finish guest list. Kabeer brings coffee for them. Myra thanks him and says she really need coffee.

Sandy and Aryan play chess at cafeteria. Aryan praises Sandy’s intelligence. Sandy says even he will be more intelligent than him when he grows up. Aryan says he will proudly says that he is Sandy’s son. He asks he if he can call his friends for wedding, let his friends see how intelligent and dashing his new father it. Abha feels if Aryan is getting closer to Sandy and getting away from her. She scolds Aryan to finish is homework. Aryan says he does not have to worry about literature as Sandy will help him. Abha feels more jealous.

At dinner, Sudha asks Abha what did she prepare. Abha says special dish for her. Sudha sees chicken curry and gets happy. Abha takes it and gives her daal. Sudha fumes. Kabeer says lighter food is good for her. Mandy says yes.. Sudha fumes and says Mandy will also have daal. Whole family laughs.

Myra sleeps on sofa while Kabeer works on laptop. Dehleej pe mere dil ki…song plays in the background. Kabeer lifts Myra and takes her to her room. Myra grasps her hands on his shoulders unconsciously. Sudha and Mandy see that and get happy. Kabeer drops Myra on bed, drapes her blanket and leaves.

Next morning, Myra and Kabeer go for jewelry shopping. Myra tries earring and asks how is it. He sadly says fine. He shows her his choice of earring and necklace and asks how is it looking. She smiles. He says she can take it if she likes it. She keeps it back and asks jeweler to give estimate. Kabeer asks jeweler to pack it and give best price. Owner says nobody can give best price than Shree Jewelers. They both then go to sweet shop and try sweets. Kabeer asks to make North and South Indian fusion, he will pay for 1 kg sample. They then go to boutique. Myra selects sherwani for him. He says he has suit for Sandy’s wedding. She says it is for his wedding. Kabeer says he likes friend’s selection, what about his life partner’s. She angrily walks away.


Bin Kuch Kahe 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abha sees mobile in Aryan’s hand and asks who gave it. Aryan says dad gave it. Abha scolds Sandy and says she is questioning about her son. Sandy says she is questioning about their son, Aryan accepted her as father ,but she has not accepted him as life partner yet.

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