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Bin Kuch Kahe 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Myra enters home fuming. Riya asks what happened. Myra says Kabeer. Riya says seriously..when..says she is saying Kabeer, so she just does not know how to react. Kabeer is a good man and she should stop overreacting. At cafeteria, Abha sees a red south Indian sari as gift. Sandy says it is for her. Abha smiles and says it must be costly, so she cannot take it. Sandy says he is south Indian, but she knows more about it. This is not a gift, it is south indian culture to give sari to boss when they join a new job. Abha says she is female, so it is valid, what if his boss is male. He says he was expecting this question, in that situation, he would have gifted sari for wife, girlfriend or mother. Abha says what if boss does not have any female. Sandy says in that case ask boss to pray god to give a good female partner. Abha laughs.

Nikhil comes to Kohli house and asks Kabeer where is Aryan. Kabeer says he has gone for a school trip. Nikhil says where is Riya, Myra and aunty. Kabeer says even they have gone out. Nikhil says he got new video game, if he will play. Kabeer agrees. Nikhil says he knows he is a busy journalist, but if he wants to join a club. Kabeer says he does not like club. Nikhil asks what he likes then. Kabeer says he likes beaches, babes, rest he can understand.

Abha returns home and checks Sandy’s gifted sari. Sudha comes and says she needs to talk. Abha makes her sit. Sudha nervously says she wanted to talk sine a few days, when Abha’s separation happened, she was confused and did not let Abha speak. She wants to ask where did she go wrong. Abha apologizes her for being rude the other day and says she is missing even Aryan as he went on a trip since long and she feels she made a mistake saying yes. Sudha says like she is worried about Aryan, she is worried about her. Abha says she realized a mother cannot think bad for her child. Sudha asks if she forgave her. Abha hugs her.

Riya comes down scolding Nikhil and says Myra and Kabeer that Nikhil is stupid. Myra asks what happened. Riya says Nikhil wants their first child named as Gopi. Myra laughs. Nikhil says it is a pet name. Riya takes him away continuing to scold him. Kabeer asks Myra what name she likes for their baby, if Veer Pratap Kumar is fine. She yells. He asks if she wants babies than a single baby and continues. Akshay comes. Myra calls him my love, asks if he would go on a date with her. Akshay is surprised and happily agrees. Myra asks Kabeer to informs mom that she has gone on a long drive with Akshay. Kabeer asks her if she will go in home clothes, suggests her to wear her party outfit. Kabeer then tells Akshay that girls like boys waiting near car door. Akshay happily leaves.

Kabeer then goes to Myra’s room and sees her selecting dress confusingly. He asks if she will go in normal clothes with her love, says his friend and rockstar Riya must be having good clothes, opens cupboard and gets a pretty white dress. Myra yells how can he enter her room without permission and command over her. He says because he loves her,, gives dress and leaves. She comes down wearing dress. Kinna sona tenu rab ne in the background. She goes out. Akshay says Nikhil took car, so he brought scooty. He sees her dress and says it is very short, she may feel uncomfortable on scooty, if she can change it. Myra fumes what problem he has, he is too stupid to think orthodox, she walks back in angrily.

Kabeer asks if she finished her long drive in 5 minutes like a move how I met your mother. She says shut up and starts yelling. He says only he can take her on a long drive and only he loves her. She sits tensely. He asks if she has any problem, she can share with him…he continues.


Bin Kuch Kahe 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Myra tells Kabeer that he is a good man and should accept a fact that he is not in love with her and is jealous that she is marrying Akshay and not him.

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