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Bin Kuch Kahe 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sudha drinks alcohol with Mandy. Mandy asks since when she started drinking. Sudha says since college days and tells story. Mandy says she is so intelligent and acting as ill convinced Myra and Kabeer out. Sudha says one more intelligent word is she should drink only till people think she has not.

Kabeer and Myra have lunch at a restaurant. A kid cleans tables. A man comes and yells at kid to clean table and switch on cooler. Boy serves water. Man drinks it and throws it on kid shouting it is not cold. Myra gets angry, walks to the man an throws water on him. Man shouts. She says she cleaned his inner dirt. He shouts to apologize, else he will hit her. She picks phone and says she is a report and has recorded his heinous act, he should apologize kid, else she will show his heinous act to whole world. He apologizes kid and runs away. Myra asks manager why did he hire a kid for job, it is illegal. Manager says he will dismiss kid right now. Kid cries that he is the only breadwinner of his house, his father is dead, mom is ill and his brother is very small. Kabeer gives NGO number to boy and asks him to call them, they will help him get school admission and also work. Kid thanks him. Myra praises Kabeer that he is so well informed and thanks him. Kabeer complements her next.

Abha sees expensive mobile in Aryan’s hand and asks who gave it to him. He says daddy. She goes to cafeteria and storms on Sandy why did he gift expensive mobile to her son. He says Aryan is their son and as a father, he has every right to gift his son whatever he needs. He says Aryan has accepted him as father, but she has not accepted him as life partner, why.. He angrily leaves.

Sudha and Mandy act as Laila Majnu and enact drama. Kabeer and Myra enter and are surprised seeing their drama. Sudha says they used to enact in childhood and love it. Myra asks why did she get out of bed. Sudha says she was feeling suffocated in room, so came out for fresh air. Mandy takes her in.

Abha scolds employees for being careless and not completing order. Mandy enters and asks why she is angry, where is Sandy. Abha says Sandy gave expensive mobile to Aryan and is spoiling him. Mandy says as a father, he can gift Aryan. Abha says she does not want him to spoil Aryan. Mandy says she and Sandy have to sort out their issues, else it will affect adversely on Aryan.

Sandy reaches Kohli house. Sudha calls him and says she needs to talk. He says he is sitting her living room. Myra comes and apologizes him on Abha’s behalf and says they will sort out issues. Sandy says he is not angry at all, he is trying to get Abha on track. Myra says so mean, he cannot trouble her sister. Aryan comes and sits on Sandy’s lap happily. Whole family joins. Aryan dances. Myra and Kabeer also dance. Sudha and Mandy says they are dancing like a perfect couple. Abha enters and seeing Aryan dancing shouts at Sandy that he cannot spoil her son like this and says she needs to talk to him and takes him in.


Bin Kuch Kahe 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Abha scolds Aryan during dinner and says he can go if he wants. Aryan says he knows, she never cared about her, he wishes his dad was present here. Everyone look at him in a shock.

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