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Bin Kuch Kahe 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sudha while having breakfast tells Mrya and Riya that she is thinking of a marriage in this house. Riya asks if she is thinking of her marriage. Sudha says no, she wants to find out an army boy for Myra. Riya says army boy. Sudha says she was happy with their father. Myra says she will do whatever she says and leaves for office.
Akshay reaches Abha’s cafeteria and after a bit of discussion asks Abha if Kabeer knows Sandy. Abha says no she thinks. Akshay says he saw Sandy’s call on Kabeer’s mobile. Abha says they must have befriended after meeting here.

Kabeer meets Sandy and tells he knows his company has partenered with Dholia and says he will expose his company and Dholila. Sandy asks is it because of Kabeer’s fight with his father SJ or he loves one of Kohli girls. Kabeer warns to mind his business. Sandy says he is minidng is business. Kabeer warns that he will make sure Sandy’s company does not play foul with Abha’s cafeteria.

Sudha reaches Abha’s cafeteria next and after a bit f chat says she is thinking of Akshay and Myra’s alliance.

Nikhil comes to Kohli house. Riya opens door and says nobody is at home today and gets romantic. Nikhil tries to shy away, but she continues. Riya says she wants to marry first before Akshay and Myra’s marriage as she is elder than Myra. Nikhil says for that they have to inform everyone about their patchup. Riya provokes that he is very shy. He starts tickling her ribs. Tere sang yaara…song..plays in the background. Nikhil lifts Riya. Aryan returns from school and smiles. They both get nervous and part ways. Nikhil picks pickle jar and says he was helping pick it. Riya says she is preparing choc cake for Aryan. Aryan asks with pickle. Nikhil says he will leave. Aryan taunts him to come often.

Sandy goes to Abha’s cafeteria and stands near door, he says Abha her coffee is very tasty and he canot resist coming back. She thinks why he irritates her so much. He stadns out sipping coffee. She lets him in. He asks how was his gifted book, he found it with great difficulty. She asks why he is wasting time. He says he has well planned and kept some time for her. She asks if he keeps time to irritate her. He says no. She asks how is he related to Kabeer. He asks who Kabeer.

Kabeer reaaches home and sees Akshay in his room. Akshay asks he came back so early. Kabeer says he stays here. Akshay says he forgot his mobile here, so came in. Kabeer asks where is it and dials. Akshay silently keeps mobile on bed and says here it is. Kabeer senses something is fishy.


Bin Kuch Kahe 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Shekhawath scolds Myra that just a video and a few papers will not prove her point.

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