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Bin Kuch Kahe 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

While having breakfast, Riya tells Sudha that she does not love her and loves only Myra. Sudha asks why she is telling this. Riya says she is elder than Myra, but Mrya is being married before her. Sudha says she herself broke marriage earlier and is now blaming her. Akshay cannot get leaves easily, so his and Myra’s marriage will be first. Myra says Riya is right, she should be married first, she will speak to Akshay and postpone marriage. Sudha says she is elder of this house and has right on all her 3 daughters, nobody can forgo her decision.

Myra sits in living room thinking of something. Kabeer enters with bouquet and reads message for Mrs. Cptain Myra Sharma. He taunts she already changed her profession and surname before marriage and asks why she has to change herself when she loves her profession and surname. Myra says it is a normal phenomenon. Kabeer says when you love someone, you would not like that person changed. Myra yells he does not have to worry about her at least and asks him to go. He leaves. Riya comes next. Myra asks if one has to change surname and profession after marriage. Riya says not really, if one loves someone, they will not try to change other person and understand their feelings and will try to do whatever the other person likes. She continues her moral gyaan. Myra says she has become love guru. Riya leaves.

Sudha shows her concern for Riya in front of Abha and says she does not know how Riya wil handle herself, she is worried about Nikhil’s mom. If she had a son and he was marrying girl like Riya, she would not have agreed for marriage. Abha says Nikhil is there to handle Riya. Sudha says he acts as a puppet and just runs around Riya bearing her nonsense spinelessly, she is worried about him more. Suda then goes ot kitchen. Riya enters kitchen and does not speak. Sudha serves tea to Kabeer. Kabeer asks why is she looking sad. Sudha says because of her children and especially Riya. She asks him to explain the importance of marriage. Kabeer shares his moral gyaan and says she would not like to change herself nor Nikhil will, especially Nikhil’s mom who would not like someone stealing away her son. She has to understand the importance of family. Sudha leaves followed by Riya.

Myra gets ready for work in the morning. Akshay comes and asks where is she going and when will she return. Myra says for job and does not know when she will return. He says he should know everything and she should not wear loud makeup and short clothes, should dress up like he wants. She says thank you for showing his true colors now, why he was hiding it so long. He says she is starting again. She says she is telling truth. He walks away. Kabeer hears their conversation, confronts Myra why she is not understanding his love and her love for him, he would have kept silent if she would have married someone else but not this idiot. She yells it is none of his business. Akshay enters with rose and gajar halwa and says Myra that maa gave it. Myra accept it and says she is going to cafeteria, if he would accompany her. Akshay says no. She leaves. Akshay yells at Kabeer that he is so shameless to come between him and Myra. Kabeer says he would says same. Akshay says innocent Kohli family does not know his motto. Kabeer says they should stay away from people like Akshay. Akshay says not interfere between him and Myra. Kabeer says same. Their argument continues.


Bin Kuch Kahe 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Myra tells Sudha that Riya is very angry and told she will not buy new clothes and will not help in wedding arrangements. Akshay says Sudha will not have a problem when Kabeer is there, he will handle everything, looking at Kabeer.