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Bin Kuch Kahe 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shekhawath checks Myra’s report on Dholia’s illegal construction business case and says these evidences are not enough against Dholia. She suggests she should well prepare like Kabeer. Myra fumes hearing Kabeer’s name and leaves his cabin.

Riya goes to Abha’s cafeteria and says she wants to share a secret. Abha says she is busy. Riya says she will be very excited hearing it and says Akshay loves Myra and will propose her soon. Abha says she had sensed it and asks why she is glowing. Riya shies. Abha says she knows it is because of Nikhil and she is happy for them. On the other side, Nikhil informs Akshay that he informed Riya about Akshay’s love for Myra and his plan to propose Myra. Akshay says he wants to keep it secret until he himself proposes Myra.

Abha and Riya inform Sudha that her dream of having a army son-in-law. Sudha asks if Riya found an army boyfriend. Riya says no and Abha says Akshay wants to propose Myra. Sudha happily hugs them and says let us inform Myra. Riya says Rosy wants to propose Myra first and then let everyone inform her. Riya says she will give a hint at least and goes to Myra’s room. Myra says she is tensed and does not want to talk. Riya leaves.

During dinner, Myra informs family that Shekhawath thinks her evidence against Dholia is not enough and needs more evidence, he thinks Akshay is better journalist. Riya says yes, he is more experienced than her and more mature. Rosy joins them with horrors film DVDs and asks Myra if she is ready to watch them. Myra nods yes. Kabeer returns home. Sudha asks her to join them for dinner. Kabeer says he will have dinner later. Sudha insists. He sits and seeing horror film DVDs shares his knowledge on them. Myra gets interested and asks different questions which Kabeer replies. Akshay feels angry. Kabeer asks which are his favorite movies. Akshay angrily does not reply. Kabeer says he may be not having favorite movie then. Akshay says Myra he is fixing DVD and she should come in 5 minutes. Abha asks him not to increase volume, last time she got scared. Sudha nods yes. Kabeer after finishing dinner goes to kitchen and smiles at Myra.


Bin Kuch Kahe 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Myra dances with family and Kabeer smiles looking at her.

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