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Bin Kuch Kahe 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The serial starts with Myra walk around house whistling. Her Abha Abha is shown in kitchen whistling, followed by her sister Riya and then Sudha Sudha and nephew. They all whistle and dance. Scene moves to a few hours ago. Abha and her Riya knocks Sudha’s door and asks to come out and have food. TV serial is seen playing in Sudha’s room and she is seeing resting blindfolded. Abha asks Sudha to stop her hunger strike again. Myra comes speaking over phone. Her sister asks to handle Sudha. Myra knocks door and says she will not go to Mumbai, she should come out now. Sudha says it is Riya’s engagement, she should not be upset today. Sudha comes out and says Riya needs lehanga, so she is forcing her to come out. Myra gives flowers to Riya and asks to get ready soon as Nikhil’s family must be coming soon. Sudha takes Riya in to give her engagement lehanga.

Nikhil with parents comes. Sudha starts chatting with parents. Riya comes with Myra and stands next to Nikhil. Nikhil stands on his heel to match her height. Abha says let us start ritual. Nikhil’s mother asks Sudha if something can happen can be done to patch elder daughter with her husband. Sudha says forget it. Riya and Myra exchange engagement rings. Myra’s friend insists her to convince Sudha to send her to Mumbai, else she will not attend marriage. Mrya fumes all dramebaaz are in her life.

At night, Sudha taunts Abha. Myra asks why she taunts her. Riya says if she does not taunt, her food won’t digest, says she needs money for her nail art. Sudha says she knows where money is, she will not send Myra to Mumbai. Riya says Myra is going to Mumbai for a week, not to Manhattan for a year Sudha says whatever it is, she will not send Myra to Mumbai. She then tells Myra that she knows Riya is busy in her own world and Abha is upset in her life, so she can depend only on her. Htries to convince Sudha to send her to Mumbai from Jipur and emotionally blacks if papa was alive, will she have stopped her. Sudha sits sadly.

Myra goes to her room and messages her friend Paro that she cannot come. She then looks at her and her army officer papa’s pic and says not to worry, she will take care of mama like him.

Next morning, Abhas son rushes to Myra’s room and knocks door. Myra opens door. Nephew drags her to balcony. Sudha near car says she is ready and if Myra misses flight, she should not be blamed. Myra gets ready and runs down. Sudha says she is colonel’s wife and will drop Myra to Jaipur airport on time. Riya jokes that she will miss Myra. Myra gets Paro’s call that she is in airport. Myra reaches airport and she with Paro and other friend travels in a car. Friend chat with Myra during travel. They reach Nidhi’s home. Nidhi says her mom that they reached home. Mom says she was waiting for Myra. Myra goes to her room and looks from window and praises Mumbai’s energy. Friend asks her to call her mom and inform first. At home, Myra and Abha’s argument starts and Sudha sits fuming. Myra calls her and she tells Myra that since she left, nothing is normal, she is not getting anything. Myra says her medicine box is in cupboard. Sudha picks medicine box and asks if Nidhi’s mom is taking care of her well. Myra says yes and says she will her later.

Back in Mumbai, Myra tells Nidhi and Paro that she is missing family already. Nidhi says she will not, they will enjoy a lot. She takes them to a club. Myraa says heels are very uncomfortable. Nidhi asks to relax and gets oout of car with Paro. She gives keys to Kabeer and orders to park car, thinking him as valet. Kabeer drives car out of club, with Myra. Myra scolds whoever he is, stop car right now. Nidhi calls her and informs that man is not valet. Kabeer drives back to club. Myra gets out of car. Kabeer returns keys to Nidhi and says parking is full.

Bin Kuch Kahe 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Myra walks into washroom and seeing Kabeer scolds what he hell h is doing here. She then sees a man coming out of washroom and realizes she entered into men’s washroom.

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