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Bin Kuch Kahe 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Bin Kuch Kahe 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Myra, Abha, and Riya while returning home dance and sing. Myra reaches office in the morning. Kabeer enters and asks if she read his files both professional and personal. She asks what does he mean in his personal note. He asks if she is asking about particular line he hopes they had made love that day. Myra says yes and imagines punching him and he falling down, hopes if she can do this. Kabeer says nothing happened that day and whatever she is feeling guilty, he cannot even think of that. He wants a professional friendship or collaboration with her. He came to Jaipur to write about Indian culture and its people and he has a lot of client base, he wants her to help him and she will be paid in dollars and even get a credit. She says she will think and tell. He says she has to by evening as he has urgent project to be delivered to client by day after tomorrow.

Shakhawat comes to Kohli house and introduces himself to Sudha. Sudha greets her in and after offering water says Myra talks about her a lot. He says she must be complaining. He says no and says he wants to have tea. Sudha fumes in anger, but then gets tea in a big flask. He asks why so much. She says she prepares tea for whole day. He says he has an offer for her.

Myra returns home and while preparing coffee with Riya starts thinking about Kabeer’s offer and his words. Riya asks if she replied Kabeer. Myra asks who told her. Riya says Kabeer himself. Sudha from living room says even she needs coffee. They serve coffee and sits in living room. Sudha says she got a cookery show offer. They both are shocked. Riya says she does not even know cooking, what will she prepare, in childhood she used to prepare macaroni in tomato sauce and tell it is Italian pasta. Myra says boss must have got sponsor, so he is trapping mamma, he will not even offer AC in kitchen. She says she will cook in her kcithen. Myra says boss just wants to use her resources and make money, she cannot handle 12-13 hours of work, so should relax at home. Sudha says even she wants to become famous and wants to take care of Aryan’s needs. Aryan backs her. Abha returns home and hearing about Sudha’s offer scolds her and goes to room. Sudha says something must have happened again, so she is angry.

After sometime, Myra sees Abha sleeping on Sudha’s lap and apologizing for getting angry, she gets tired after day’s hard work and Sudha says she is most courageous among them and her papa used to tell same. Abha asks if she will not forgive her. Sudha says she does not know whether to blame her or the boy who left her. Their discussion continues.


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