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Bin Kuch Kahe 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sudha scolds that all her 3 daughters are not showing interest in wedding preparations. She further says that only Kabeer is helping. Kabeer says why would not he work in his marriage. Myra angrily looks at him. Sudha says there will DJ and music and asks Myra to select songs. Riya says she does not want all this. Kabeer says Myra does not know anything about music, let us take Riya’s help. Sudha says she is still angry and will not help. Discussion continues. Sudha goes to get tea. Myra yells at Kabeer and says she does not like too much crowd. Kabeer asks her to imagine a destination wedding in Goa with very few guests and she is walking wearing a very pretty dress and everyone are looking at her. She imagines. He smiles. She then comes out of imagination and shouts his impractical dreams. He says dreams can come true. She leaves fuming, he smiles.

Riya scolds Nikhil that he did not convince their families for their marriage before Akshay and Myra’s wedding. She yells if he knows what she is feeling seeing her younger sister getting married before her. He says if she knows how he is feeling seeing his younger brother marrying before him, their parents wants them to act mature. Riya continues yelling.

Abha enters home thinking about Sandy and walks to her room without noticing Myra. Myra feels surprised. Abha the tries Sandy’s gifted sari and smiles Myra enters. Abha gets nervous and says someone gifted it to her, it is very old fashioned and bright, she wants to gift it to Myra and tries to convince her. Myra says she should keep it and says if she does not think she deserves a second chance and even Aryan needs a father figure. Kabeer enters and says Myra is right. He dorns sari pallu on Abha and asks her to look herself in a mirror and not feel guilty. Abha smiles looking into mirror. Kabeer says Myra that aunty is calling her. She goes out. He follows her. She thanks him for explaining Abha what she deserves.

Sudha calls Riya angrily. She comes down and asks what happened now. Sudha asks why did she speak about marriage to Nikhil. Riya asks whom she should speak then. Sudha says Nikhil’s mom wants both sons married same day, how will she manage alone, even bua is not coming due to knee surgery. Abha comes and says not to worry about expenses, they will have if both marriages happen same day. Sudha agrees. Myra comes down. Riya happily informs their marriage is happening same day. All 3 sisters cheer up.

Nikhil comes to Riya’s room and congratulates her. He says he needs a kiss. They get romantic and are about to kiss when Abha enters. Nikhil gets nervous, stammers and leaves. Abha laughs.


Bin Kuch Kahe 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Myra and Kabeer select same wedding card. Akshay says it is very bad, he will select card. Sudha says Akshay’s choice is better. Myra angrily says then why she is taking their opinion.