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Bin Kuch Kahe 8th February 2017 Written Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 8th February 2017 Written Update and Bin Kuch Kahe 8th February 2017 video watch online

Riya tries Suman’s bridal lehanga. Suman asks her to get it out and keeps it back in box to give it in her marriage. In Mumbai, Paro and Nidhi ask Myra what happened to her interview. She says she spoke to company and tey asked to send CV tomorrow as today’s slot is full. Nidhi’s mom tells Myra that her family friend’s son Raghav is coming to see Nidhi and asks her to keep it a secret. Raghav comes with his family and after introduction he says he brought his friends also. Kabeer is one among them. Myra fumes seeing him. Kabeer jokes she is following him everywhere, is he right Ms. Jaipur. Raghav asks if they know each other. Kabeer says yes. Nidhi tells Raghav it is an interesting story and takes him in.

Myra goes to kitchen to help Nidhi’s mom and prepares cake dessert. She asks servant to get choc from fridge. Raghav enters and gives it. She asks cone, without noticing him. He gives it. She goes to pick something from top rack. He lifts her. She is shocked to see him and shouts to get her down. He asks her to pick what wants to first. Nidhi’s mother calls her and comes in. Kabeer leaves her and stands silently. Mother asks Kabeer what is he doing here. He says he came to take water. Mother asks Myra how is the desert. Kabeer tastes it and say it is tasty, she must have prepared it.

Myra goes to her room and calls Abha. Abha sees her angry ood and asks what happened. She tells about Kabeer who is clashing with her often. Abha says it must be a coincidence. Myra says he came even here and is Nidhi’s family’s friend’s long distance relative. Abha asks to relax.

In the morning, Myra reaches office for interview asking address over phone. She stands in a lift que and then walks on stairs dropping her mobile by mistake. A man picks it and walks behind her. Myra senses someone behind him and hits him with her bag. It is Kabeer and he writhes in pain. She sees mobile in his hand and shouts he even took her mobile. He holds her and says instead of thanking him, she is yelling at him. She dropped her mobile near lift. He jokes he checked her mobile. She takes mobile and yells why did u check it and leaves.

Nikhil tells Riya that they are going to some Indian destination for honeymoon. She shouts she wants to go to New Zealand. He says he is short of budget and already marriage expenses are on the way. She yells and he leaves. Abha asks him why Nikhil left. She shouts he wants to take her to Indian destination instead of New Zealand and is talking about expenses. Abha says he is right. Riya leaves everyone is mad here. Abha goes to Sudha’s room and tells her about Riya’s misbehavior. Sudha says she must have spoilt Riya’s mood and yells not to trouble Riya. She had a love marriage and even divorce already.

Myra goes to cafeteria with Nidhi and Paro and tells them what happened in office. Paro says instead of thanking him, she is yelling on him. Kabeer comes there. Myra yells he came even here, tells friends that she knows how to tackle him. She goes to Kabeer and asks why ddid he come even here, if he has any work or not. He jokes he is a detective. He then goes and greets Nidhi and Paro. Nidhi asks him to join. He says he is having a meeting and came here to have coffee as someone hit his forehead. Nidhi asks if he is hurt
hard. He says not much. Myra yells she did not know he even works, he should go now then. Kabeer leaves. Nidhi says she is too rude to him. Myra says he is tracking her mobile. Nidhi says it is password protected, how can he check, he was just pulling her legs. If she does not like Kabeer, she will date him then.

Bin Kuch Kahe 9th February 2017 Written Update precap : Riya sees Kabeer in her room. He touches her face and gets romantic.

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