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Bin Kuch Kahe 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bin Kuch Kahe 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Akshay calls Myra to come down and help them. She says she is coming. Kabeer comes out of his room and smiles at her. She ignores him and walks down. Sudha says Akshay is working so much in wedding preparations, even she should help. Akshay asks her to select wedding invitation cards. She says does not want to. He says he knows she does not like all this, but they have to for elders’ sake. He selects card. Myra does not like. Kabeer comes and asks if he can help. Akshay taunts to print cards after selection. Kabeer says he will, but whenever he printed cards, marriage broke. Sudha says then he should just help Myra selecting a card. They both select same card. Akshay yells it is a bad choice, his card is final. Myra confronts if he had to select his card, then why did he waste mamma’s time, there are so many other works pending. Sudha says it okay. Kabeer says let us take younger family member’s help and calls Aryan. Aryan comes. Akshay holds him and asks to select card. Sudha asks them to select card, she will go to Myra.

Sudha goes to Myra and while pampering her says she knows Akshay is competitive since childhood, but he is a good boy. Her papa wanted all 3 daughters to marry army officers, Abha and Riya did not, at least she should. She continues that one has to adjust in marriage, etc. She suggests her to tolerate Akshay’s nonsense and move on.

Once Sudha leaves, Riya enters and asks Myra to select what dress they will wear and how they will steal shoes, etc. Myra does not pay attention reminiscing Sudha’s words. She walks to window and writes her and Akshay’s name and strikes his name. Akshay standing on the other side tells Kabeer it is proved Myra loves him. Kabeer congratulates him and says he got a trophy of man of the match. Akshay says what…Kabeer says Myra is not a trophy that he wants to hold it. Argument ensues. Kabeer gives lollipop in Akshay’s hand and leaves.

Next morning, Riya tells Sudha she wants to plan her wedding. Sudha says her decision is final and like Myra is not interfering. Riya yells no way she will not wear old jewelry. Sudha says she bore losses due to her breaking marriage, not again now. Riya says okay fine, she will speak to Myra.

Akshay then meets Sudha and gives her guests list. Sudha says she does not know how will she manage alone as her daughters are not supporting her. Kabeer passes by. Akshay taunts Kabeer will help like a genie. Kabeer jokes he is genie and Sudha is her boss. Akshay taunts Kabeer will serve water to guests. Abha asks why will he. Sudha asks if he will. Kabeer says anything for her.


Bin Kuch Kahe 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Akshay calls Myra’s number. Kabeer picks it and answers hi Rosy, says Myra is with him.