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Bin Kuch Kahe 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Bin Kuch Kahe 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Bin Kuch Kahe 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

Myra reaches Kabeer’s hotel room to discuss about his article project and sees him ill. She asks what happened to him. He says food poisoning. She says he should call doc. He says hotel people sent a doc and he will be fine. She says they can discuss the project later. He says he is fine and rushes to washroom again. He comes out and discusses about what he needs in an article and asks if she has any demands. She says she will not work overtime, will work on her terms and if she does not like anyone intefering work, will need payment immediately after she submits article. Kabeer agrees and asks her to give her CV. She uses his laptop and downloads CV on his laptop’s desktop . She then shakes hands. He says at last she thought he is decent. She leaves and gets into life and sees Myra passing towards Kabeer’s room.

Riya reaches Kabeer’s room and sees him severely ill. He says hotel’s doc treated him and he got more ill. Riya calls receptionist and blasts. She then calls her father’s doc friend and requests his reference to admit Kabeer. Kabeer says she is fine. Riya says she will not listen and packs his bag. He asks to pack his laptop. She sees Myra’s CV on desktop and asks whaat is Myra’s CV doing here. Kabeer says she had come here some time ago. Riya fumes and leavs hotel with Kabeer.

In the evening, Myra irons her clothes. Sudha comes and asks what she tought about cookery show. Riya says she does not have to work. Sudha says they have to pay bills, etc. Myra says she got a freelance job and will get paid in dollars. Sudha asks if she is going abroad. Myra sys no, she will work from home along with her new channel job. Sudha happily hugs and congratulates her. Myra says she will prepare dinner.

Myra serves dinner. Abha joins and asks if Riya prepared it. Sudha says desi Madonna does not have time for all this and is missing since morning. Abha calls Riya and asks where is she. Riya says hospital and disconnects call. Abha informs Sudha and Myra. Sudha panics why she is in hospital. Myra calls Riya, but she does not pick call. Abha gets low BP. Myra and Sudha get concerned.

Myra comes out and calls Riya repeatedly, but she does not pick call. Nikhil comes and asks what happened, he saw her from his window. She says Riya informed that she is in hospital and then did not pick call at all, whole family is tensed. Riya is so irresponsible. Riya reaches home via taxi and Myra confronts if she has sense or not, whole family is tensed because of her. Riya shouts she is so inesensitive. Myra says yes, she is insensitive that she takes care of Sudha and Abha and does not act cool like Riya. Riya shouts shut up, why did not she get medical help for Kabeer when she went to her room. Myra says she asked kabeer, but he said he is fine. Kabeer says he will leave as it is their personal issue. Riya shouts to stay and shouts at Myra that Kabeeer would have died today. She walks in. Nikhil also sadly walks out saying Riya was with Kabeer.


Bin Kuch Kahe 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Riya tells Abha that she has thought of renting store room to Kabeer. Myra says Kabeer cannot stay here. Riya says if she is so allergic to Kabeer, then why is she doing freelancing work with him.


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