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Chandra Nandni 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra Nandni 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Chandra Nandni 10th February 2017 video watch online on

Kanika ma performs nandini and Chandras Aarti and welcomes them in their hut. Chandra remembers his time spent their as a child,ma says Nandini take a sit have this,and Chandra, ma sees him in tears and says Chandra forget the past they just trouble you now you two go rest I will cook for you two,Nandini says no ma I have to cook as per ritual and don’t worry I will manage, ma says okay and Chandra come let’s go get some water.

Chandra walks in hut and sees Nandini burnt Roti and says you said you know to do everything,Nandini says actually dasi always used to help me and why do you always have to point me instead help me,Chandra helps Nandini and teaches her how to cook,Nandini asks where did you learn all this,Chandra says my acharya taught me all this, Nandini asks what is this mark,Chandra remembers his baba giving him this burnt mark and says Nandini I don’t remember,Kanika ma walks in and says wow Nandini it smells nice you cooked so good rotis,Chandra says why not Nandini cooked it now come take a sit,Nandini serve ma food.Nandini serves Chandra and ma food.

Roopa says Sunanda ma throw this helina and her mother out, helina picks a knife and walks to Roopa,Sunanda says stop her or else,Helina mother says control helina,helina says here knife Roopa kill me,but before listen,I hate Nandini and so do you,Roopa says I know all this,helina says but for you I can find out where your father is,Roopa points knife at her and says he is not my father but enemy,helina says ok but before that you have to make sure that Nandini doesn’t return to mahal, Roopa says done,helina says then I will take you to padmanand.

Chandra and Nandini go asking for bhiksha, and collect grains from common people,Nandini hurts her leg,Chandra asks what’s wrong,Nandini says nothing all good,Chandra says okay you walk ahead I will follow you as my acharya said you should never let your wife or wild tigress follow you,Nandini asks who am I,Chandra says you may find that on your own,Nandini says ok and walks ahead,Chandra sees her leg bleeding and says fool couldn’t you tell me about it,Nandini says I thought you will make fun of me,Chandra say shutup, it could be dangerous to walk with wounded feet now come let me lift you,Nandini says no I will manage,And stumbles and Chandra holds her.

Ma says Nandini go get milk,Nandini asks from where,ma says milk the buffalo out there,Chandra says yes yes go Nandini,Nandini says yes I’m going and walks to buffalo, and gets scared,Chandra stands by and starts laughing and says I think you should sit,Nandini gets kicked and has cow dung on her hand ,Chandra starts laughing and says let me teach you come but before that clean your hands come,Chandra milks buffalo,and teaches Nandini too. Nandini enjoys the experience,ma sees them and says they look so good together and says Chandra stop troubling her and lets go,Nandini says I will go clean myself and leaves,Chandra says ma she hasn’t seen all this so it was a new experience for her,ma says Chandra so happy to see you happy, I’m sorry I couldn’t give you this happiness because of your fathers torcher,forgive me please,Nandini hears this and thinks may be this is why Chandra hates love.

Patalgram welcomes maharani and maharaj, Nandini says we are amongst you people please don’t treat us as royals,people force Nandini and Chandra to join them in the special performance,Chandra and Nandini agree to it,ma says why don’t you dress as one too,Chandra says okay and goes to change, Roopa says right time to attack on Chandra and walks into his changing room,Chandra says Nandini you shouldn’t be here it’s men’s room you should go other room,Roopa walks to him and says I need to talk to you,people say maharaj please come soon ,Chandra says go now we will talk later.roopa leaves and says why couldn’t I talk to Chandra.

Nandini and Chandra both praise each other in their minds,Nandini and Chandra hold each other by waist and join dancing,Roopa watching them is jealous and says why can’t I see them together and want to be with Chandra in place of Nandini.

Chandra and Nandini have to sleep together,Chandra says we have to sleep on this mat together and don’t worry you sleep this side and I will on the other,and few days and we will go back,both are in awkward state,Nandini has her dancing moment with Chandra going in her mind and so does Chandra, Nandini says actually I can’t sleep without pillow,Chandra says see don’t take me wrong but you can use my hand as pillow,Nandini says but your hand,Chandra says I will manage don’t worry,Nandini says okay and places her head over his hand and thinks he is so loving from inside and I wish I could heal the bitter pain time has given you.

Roopa sees them together and gets very angry.

Pre cap ” a man says sorry maharaj but you married maharani Nandini for the purpose of revenge against padmanand ,Nandini says how dare you say that If this was so I wouldn’t be alive and here as ruling queen.

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